Electrolysis Success Story

Just wanted to add my two cents on this topic. I am thrilled with the results of my treatment. I’ve been getting electrolysis for almost a year now to remove dark hairs on my chin and neck. It’s been a great success; not only is there significantly less dark, rough hair, but I’ve also broken my terrible plucking habit. I used to go weekly for 30 min. and now I go once every three weeks for 15 min. It’s been worth every cent and every wince of pain. I’ve been freed from serious embarassment about the unwanted hair and no longer undertake the awful daily fussing and plucking sessions. I would recommend it to anyone who’s willing to be patient, invest the money and who can bare with some discomfort during the sessions. I also highly recommend my practitioner to anyone in the NY metro area. You can see her ad in the back of Time Out New York magazine (that’s how I found her). Her name is Ronni Kolotkin. She’s a pro – very reputable. She only takes women clients – FYI. Finally, I wanted to thank Andrea for her incredible site. I didn’t waste time or money on bogus treatments thanks to what I learned at hairfacts.com.

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Thanks for the report and the recommendation, happyjenny! It is certainly nice to free yourself from the hassles of plucking and the worry about hairs others can see and feel! Many of us don’t realize how much time and worry we have when we’re plucking. It’s great to have it be a thing of the past, and a relief to be doing something about the problem that is permanent.

Have anyone been treated at this place in NY? I been going to Lucy Peters I had 4 hours treatment so far but my skin got really irritated afterwards and takes a lot of time to heal(treatments are very painful). I’m looking for a new place.
Any advice. Thanks

That’s really great.

I am also a success story (though I believe all those who undergo electrolysis consistently for the first few months are success stories too).

I had a terrible upper lip problem, a slight chin problem and also had my thighs, bikini and underarms done. I finished treatments earlier this year after almost one year. My life is totally free now and I don’t have to worry about any embarrassing and unwanted hair. Life is great!

I remember how stressed I was about the upper lip area and finally had to have electrolysis as it was running my life. I was frightened of scarring and would spend many hours pouring over this website to seek answers and it finally convinced me to get it done - thank you Hairtell!!!

You are welcome electrobaby. I remember some of those conversations. I am happy to know that you got it done, and you are out of the woods so to speak.

Situations like yours are what this site is about. That is, making sure that you know what you are getting into, what questions to find answers to, and giving you the opportunity to understand just what point you are in the process, and what to expect is ahead, so that you can get it done, and do it in the best way that you can manage given your resources.

Congratulations! Now go spread the word that permanent hair removal actually exists.


I do hope you will try another electrologist - someone who is not a franchise like the one you mentioned.

Best to you!

Hi debbie2

if you are in the NY area, and don’t mind taking a short train ride out to queens, i HIGHLY RECCOMEND Arlene Batz. Her contact info can be found on the site. She’s a very professional and skilled practioner in addition to teaching electrolysis. She is in Briarwood Queens, off the F train, about 50 min from lower manhattan.

good luck!

Oh. PS. she is FAR more affordable than Lucy Peters…i went there for a consult and opted against it. if you search on this site for comments about Lucy Peters, you’ll get a broad range of experiences…but all helpful.