I don’t post much to this site, but I just read that there aren’t many out there that came back to say that electrolysis works. Well, here I am again! I had been undergoing electrolysis for about two years and after more than 300 hours under my belt, I am done and extremely happy with my results. This is note worthy, as I was told that I had more than enough hair to populate two faces over both my face and neck areas. Other than a stray 15 minute treatment about once every 2 years, I have not seen James outside of bumping into him at the mall, or in the park, and the hairs that we worked on then were blond and very fine. We have been done for about 5 years now. Most of the treatments were nearly painless, except for the upper lip (Under my nose) and my chin. I slept through a lot of my sessions. I have no pock marks and my skin is smooth and beautiful. Electrolysis works and is painless if it is done right. :grin:

I will have to say that I got very lucky when I found found James Walker. I had been going to another electrolygist in the area for a year before I found him and I could only take an hours worth of treatments a week and the sessions were very painful and I left her house red, sore, swollen and with ice on my face. After a year with her , I had gotten no where. A year lost, and what I now feel was money down the drain. The first time I went to see James, I went for three hours and I left feeling the same way I had walked in to see him.I’m not saying all the sessions were painless, because some were, but none as bad as what I had been doing with the other person I had started my treatments with. The difference was astounding.
I have photos of my progress on my site if you care to look. http://www.geocities.com/tinamarie022/Hair.html I am done now and I didn’t think I would ever get here, but I did and I am a happy girl.

by the way, here is a picture of what I look like today years after my last treatment.

I hope you all will help out and post your success stories here so others can easily find them and we can show what Electrolysis can do. Good electrolysis can run circles around laser in my opinion. Maybe not in speed of treatments, but certainly in results given, and time to completion, as measured in months from start to no hair at all.

Good luck to you all.
Tina Marie

I’m sorry you have had a very negative experience with electrolysis. You have a right to feel so desperate. I can truly tell you electrolysis works. When I was 16 years old, I had my upper lip done. It took about 12-13 treatments, and I have not had a problem since. I was so happy that I continued
with my forearms followed by my legs followed by my underarms. I am hairfree on all these areas and it has been 25 years! I think that is the definition of permanent hair removal( electrolysis). My legs took 18 months to complete, my arms about 12 months, my underarms 30-36 treatments. It wasn’t easy going every week and spending the money, but it was a short time spent to have the reward of not shaving ever again and wearing clothes I wouldn’t dream of wearing before. Smooth skin is wonderful!
I knew it was a difficult goal to achieve, but so is going to college or any other endeavor that takes a long time.

I live in Ohio so I can’t help you with names in Michigan. I guess if I were you, I would keep searching for an electrologist in your area that can refer you to clients that are finished and happy. Make sure they are not using an old epilator. Computerized and digital ones are nice.
Make sure they have good eyewear (magnification).
Believe that you will find the right person to help you. Keep searching, I know it is hard, but don’t give up. Electrolysis does work for 93% of people who seek it. I am one whose skin is clear, smooth and unscarred. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone.

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As most people on this forum already know, I’ve had electrolysis on a bunch of different areas with great success. Most of my treatments were done with microflash/thermolysis on an Apilus machine. I did need to switch to blend for the nipple area where hairs were deep and curled.

You can read my detailed diary at the link below. But here’s a brief overview of my treatments and timing:

  • Electrolysis on stomach 2005-2007 (about 18-20 months total)

Electrolysis on the following areas between 2005 to 2008, doing a few areas at at ime and and adding others as those were done:

  • Added nipple area (10-minute treatments for 12 months - had to switch to blend method because some hairs were deep and curled)
  • Added underarms to finish sparse hairs (5-minute treatments for 10 months)
  • Added upper lip (8-10 10-minute treatments)
  • Added chestbone (8-10 15-minute treatments)
  • Added eyebrows (8-10 20-minute treatments)
  • Added bikini to finish sparse hairs (4-5 10-minute treatments)

In 2011, I decided to get the rest of the fine sparse hairs on the bikini area. I’ve gone in for 5 minutes 3 times to clear about 15 random hairs on each side.

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I just wanted to share my electrolysis experience. I had a horrible hair problem on my face. I used another method that actually made it worse on the face. I heard about electrolysis on this site when I was down as far as I could get and decided to give this one last try to get rid of this disabling problem, so i went in for a consultation with an electrologist. That was the best appointment I ever made. It did take 2 1/2 years to totally get rid of the dark hair but it was worth it, I had LOTS of hair ALLOVER Face not just a little here or there or a certain area on the face it was from my cheeks down the neck. She used the Blend method. It really was a big undertaking for my electrologist to take on and I am so happy she did. She has also became a dear friend.
I can be myself again and be social without ever giving hair a second thought and never constantly looking in the mirrors to see if its grown back out to be noticed from shaving. I have to say to anyone thinking about it to go for it, it will really change your life if you are like me and was disabled from it. For me the expense was no more than not going out to eat once a week for dinner. Or waiting an extra couple of weeks to get my hair cut, I just did little things like that and it did not make any difference in my pocket book. I am just so thrilled to be myself again! Hope this helps anyone thinking about it!

Congratulations to you and your electrologist!

Oooh, I’ll return to this thread some time in the near future (too busy right now to take “current” state pictures - and I can’t find my camera to do it). I had a lot of hair on my face back in the day.

Here are pictures of what I had before: http://www.hairtell.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/67893/Pictures_23_year_female.html#Post67893

It is safe to say that I am much different today. Still a way to go (maybe another 6 months or 20 hours left for the face), but it is really shocking looking at those old pictures. Wow.

I’ve had about 100 hours of thermolysis to get a smooth face. Well worth the time. I am so lucky I found the right electrologist.

I always say on any given day, you’re more likely to run into a rocket scientist than you are to run into a good electrologist. There just aren’t enough for all the work that’s necessary!

Will post pictures as soon as I get a camera or after my next session. It’s really a miracle!

Been away for a while, so I’m late to the thread (thanks for the message James).

I am a male who used to have dark coarse hair. Fair skin. I started treatment for health reasons.

I am now completely hairless. Only hair I have is on my head, and eyebrows.

I catch the ladies staring at my legs when I am in public. Being modest, I used to be self-conscious about exposing my bare legs in public, but now I don’t give a crap. Gals explained to me that my legs “glow,” whatever the hell that means. I guess that’s a good thing - for a gal. With the face, I don’t have to shave (well, once a month to get the remaining peach fuzz). Also, people say I look younger without the facial hair and stubble.

My wife is insanely jealous of me. :grin:

Most importantly - no more ingrowns and no more MRSA infections.

Don’t know where to start as it seems like ages ago. I started in summer of 2004 and finished up in early 2011 or so I think. I guess I averaged weekly visits of an hour or so. When I first started out, I booked some long appointments (I think three hours was the longest - poor Arlene).

Areas treated:





Face - upper lip, chin, neck, and when nothing was left, some stray hairs on the eyelid.

A handful on the arms.

Modalities: Flash thermolysis and blend.

Most painful - in order … Eyelids, peri-anal area, scrotum, upper lip, knuckles of fingers and toes.

Did I use EMLA? Yes. Saran wrap etc 30 min before treatment. It wore off after 30 minutes. That routine got old, so after a while I just toughed it out without topical numbing cream.

Healing time: 4 days - often I planned my treatments on a Friday evening to give myself the weekend to heal, esp. the face.

Most persistent hairs: Scrotum.

Hairs that went away the fastest: Legs!

Hairs that surprised me: Shaft. They go fairly quickly too.

Any lasting issues with scarring/pigmentation? Don’t think so. I am told scarring/pitting can be remedied with microdermabrasion.

My location: NYC tri-state area.

Most embarassing moment: Letting a toot go when the electrologist was removing some anal hairs. Unintentional, of course. It was more embarassing than having a boner in the midst of treatment (also unintentional).

I used and recommend without hesitation:

Arlene Batz http://www.breierhairremovalandskincare.com/

Phyllis Langerberg & Rebecca Weinstein http://www.justbetweenuselectrolysis.com/

Danna Homburger http://www.dannahomburger.com/

And a few others who will remain nameless at their request and because I can’t recommend some of them.

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Are u a transgender? why did u have so much hair ,if women do u have pcos? did it work?

deef did u have pcos or hormonal imbalances?

does anyone know if it will work with pcos?

Electrolysis will permanently eliminate any hair permanently, however it can not prevent new growths occuring. I have treated many PCOS cases, and the worst case scenario is that if their hormone issues are not fully addressed, they need maintenance treatments long term. One case comes to mind, I treat her a few times anually for 15 minutes. Sometimes she needs monthly and other times she can go for 3 to 4 months, it depends on what her hormones are doing at that time.

i am taking medication sprinolactone i wonder if you head abt it ,ill probable be on it for years so how successful is my change of being hair free/?

I dont know very much about this medication, perhaps someone else can help. Are you currently having electrolysis? Have you tweezed in the past?

Electrolysis can sometimes be permanent,but only if you get your hormones totally into the normal female range. You run a serious risk of scarring and skin discoloration.

Sprinolactone works by lowering the androgen levels ( hormones e.gtestosterone both female and males have)Androgens are responsible for hair growth that women with PCOS have. Sprinolactone can take up to 6 months to see an improvement in s.

Sorry Aarav, I have to disagree. Electrolysis is always permanent if done by a skilled electrologist and you run a risk in scarring and discoloration if electrolysis is being done by an unskilled electrologist.

As Christine said electrolysis will always permanently eliminate new hairs but cannot stop new hairs growing.

i did laser which stimulate new hair growth, i was tweezing upperlips and leaching for chin but its still noticable now i have stop both because im doing electrolysis and taking sprinolactone its been almost 3 months for the med and 4 hours of work on chin ,from next week im doing 1 hour upperlip and 1 1/2 hour for sideburn ,jawline and chin .Do u think thats good enough or should i just give up .My life life is fck up anyway.

what does electrolysis can sometime be permanent?


That poster is wrong. With correctly performed electrolysis, it is permanent.

asanh: ditto what stoppit said.