Electrolysis stimulating hair growth?

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Upon phoning a couple of places here in New Zealand for advice on electrolysis, one of the main clinics over here told me that electrolysis can also stimulate surrounding hair follicles and cause induced growth, much like laser can. Is this true? I would think it was maybe possible if the person wasnt doing it correctly and had the setting too low for it to be actually killing the hair?

Are some people more “prone” to stimulation then others?

I get so many bits of conflicting advice its crazy! Surely if, say if was possible the hairs around the area were stimulated, this would just make it easier for the electrologist to get the next time?

Sorry if this question appears somewhere else on the forum … i did a quick search and couldnt find an answer.

This forum is amazing. Im so pleased I found it. Real people with real answers. :slight_smile:

Basically, there’s no evidence that electrolysis induces hair growth the same way laser can

During the time I was writing, I had several conversations with William Montagna. He surmised that a good fast clearing with electrolysis could induce resting follicles to go into anagen phase … and thus appear like new hairs. Actually, I have never seen such an event, but in theory it’s plausible and could happen.

There is a lot of conflicting information and when statements like these are made it makes me wonder, “How does one know?”. If we could mark individual hair follicles like we mark wild bears and sharks so we can follow and study them, then maybe we would know the truth.

From what I understand the electric energy that is used to treat one hair is not large enough to reach other hair follicles so it would seem impossible to me.

Exactly. This has been an explanation that has been around for years and it seems very plausible to me… I have not observed an increase in hair, but rather a steady decrease in the percentage of hair, that eventually results in a hair-free zone. With electrolysis, energy is confined within individual hair follicles, rather than being blasted over several hair follicles at once.