Electrolysis ,shaving and "thin"hairs

Hello, female/medium complexion.

I go to 2 electrologists one for facial area and the other on body. I had waited about 8 months and left my stomach hair alone because I’ve read its best but my electrologist had advised me to shave my stomach area? The hairs are dark but slightly thick. She also didn’t think some hairs I have on my upper abdomen are “good hairs” since they’re thinner. So I’ve been shaving weekly now. I thought electrolysis worked on all hairs?So far I’ve done 3 hours.

With my other electrologist I have been getting weekly sessions on my upper lip so far and it’s the area that has been pretty successful so far I’ve had 5 hours on it and it’s had an 80% reduction. It’s been a couple months.
I also did my underarm hair, she cleared it all but it all grew back, she said maybe it wasn’t strong enough but I’m thinking of just giving up on underarms since it was really painful. Would laser work just as well?

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

If you had a full clearance on your underarms (with it all grown out and not shaved), then you will get 50% returning hairs (within a 3-month period). For all clients, this always looks like “it all grew back,” because we do not notice a reduction of 50%. If you wait 3 - 4 months, have the area cleared again (not shaved) then your results will be fantastic (not finished, but clearly thinned out and ready for clearance number three).

You can start here and watch a typical underarm case. (Be sure to watch all the videos on underarms and other body work.)

Wow!! Michael just amazing!!

I love your job!! I’m so excited to start my electrolysis journey, I promise that I will update my progress

My areas to be treated are:

In your experience who many hours could I expect of treatment per each area.

In my arms I have thin hair (vellus) and my legs course hair but its not too dense. Saving money and making a big effort for this final solution to my hirsutism!!

Thanks for your answer in advanced!!