Electrolysis session

Hello everyone!

I read you for a while and I made an appointment with an institute to do my first hair removal electrolysis

I created an account because I have a question a little annoying.

In this institute there are two women and one man. Can I ask to have only women I am very private and I could not undress in front of a man :frowning:

I do not want to annoy the electrolysist but it’s very important for me

Do I have the right to ask them that no one sees me apart from these two women?

Thank you very much for reading me and thanks to all the electrolysist for your wonderful work and your help :kissing_heart:

Hi Linda,

I am not an electrologist but I am getting electrolysis myself. If you feel very uncomfortable being treated by a man, then ofcourse you have the right to ask if it is possible to only be treated by the women! It is very likely that you arent the first woman to ask them this. So just ask!



Thank you very much for your answer :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
that’s what I’m going to do I hope I wouldn’t bother the electrologists

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Of course! If you explain how you feel, then they should accommodate you! Do not feel apologetic about requesting this. There are some female electrologists that will not work on mens’s private area. It works both ways and we need to respect one another.

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Thank you very much, you confort me!


As an owner of a clinic with male and female operators, it is normal for a person to request a female or male to do the treatment. You don’t owe an explanation - when you make the booking just add, with a female operator only. It would then be noted on your file.

Since most schools (Institute?) that teach electrolysis have only a one or two students, you may find that it’s hard to get an appointment if you only want to see a woman. Today I graduated from the electrolysis program at my school, and now there is only one student - a man. He is smart, talented and you have the right to say no, you don’t want to see him. However, the rates at our school are about 1/3 of the going rate in our area. At a school, the students are under the supervision of a seasoned professional,so you won’t be left alone with him for long. Good luck!

thank you very much for all your answer!!