electrolysis schools in San Diego CA

Does anyone know of any electrolysis schools in San Diego, CA. I am considering learning it in school because it seems very interesting to me. Thank you!

The only school I am aware of in the So. Cal. area is the American School of Electrology in Long Beach. They have students from all over the country. They will also let you work on men; but not in the G area.

There is also
The Académie Apilus/Dectro International Training Institute
600 S. Grande Avenue, Suite 104, Santa Ana, California 92705
Telephone: (714) 550-9980 · Toll free: 1 888 332-8763
Fax: (714) 550-9988 · E-mail: institute-cal@dectro.com

A little added bonus of attending this school is you will learn on some of the best epilators made today.

Thank you both for the info! If you find out about any electrolysis school located near San Diego I would be very interested in hearing about it also. I don’t know if I can go to school that far away. Thanks again!