Electrolysis school online?

Dear all,

This is my second post on this forum after a long absence… covid has unfortunately pushed back my plans to learn the trade.

I live in Belgium but speak French, German and English and I am looking for a good electrolysis school in our side of the Atlantic ocean. Preferably i should like to specialise in galvanic or blend. Could anyone recommend a school in Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands or the UK.

In fact with the current travel restrictions I would ideally like to find an online course. I was inforhat dectro offer an online academy. Does anyone have experience with it? Are there any other school who offer such programs ?

I have been practicing electrolysis on myself so far with great success but I am very cautious and would like to learn the trade thoroughly before practicing on others.

Thank you so much for any help you can provide.

Kind regards.

Ilan Paul

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swansons canadian institute of electrolysis does a distance learning program. Ican give you information for the person who runs the program if you like, Phyllis Toround . Pm me for an email.Dectro would be an excellent chice however.
At best a online or remote learning program would give the theory portn, for practical instruction you would hae to go to a school or work with another electrologist, so the online course is only really half the solution,

You should focus on apprenticeship with a pro. Schools can only teach you basic theory. Electrolysis is all about hands on learning. You mentioned blend and galvanic interest. There was an electrologist here from UK who was skilled at blend and was an educator. Search on British Institute & Association of Electrolysis.

Dear Seana, dear Fenix,

Thank you very much for your respective advice. Although the theory is essential to acquire an understanding of anatomy and avoid mistakes that would lead to skin damage, I do indeed see the greater value of hands on practice in terms of efficiency and value for money I could provide to future clients.

I hope I will be able to find a pro nearby but I know in Belgium there are none. The nearest I could find at the moment is a lady located in Germany who runs a company by the name of cosmomed. She also designs her own electrolysis machines. I hope I will be able to relocate to either Germany or the UK during those current times.
As an alternative, would you consider training on myself or family members a satisfactory alternative after I attend a practical course in electrolysis ?

The better option would certainly be to get an apprenticeship with a pro. Would you know the name of the person you mentioned earlier Fenix?

Thanks again to both of you

Hi, I’m Olia. I have been doing electrolysis for about two years and recently realized that I want to learn it how to do it myself. I want to be able to help people like myself. Have you found any schools online? Let’s link up…electrolysis is my passion!