Electrolysis & Restless Leg Syndrome

So, I’ve figured out that choosing longer electrolysis sessions is the best way to save money. Money is the number one issue for college students like myself. However, I suffer from restless leg syndrome and am not able to lay on the table for more than 30-45 mins. The pain I feel when my electrologist works on my chin near the jaw is NOTHING compared to the discomfort I feel in my legs. Since she is working on my chin and sides currently, she allows me to slowly move my leg back and forth, however that doesnt help at all. I really don’t know what to do about this since my electrologist is giving me a great deal for an hour session and I feel terrible stoping the session halfway.

Does anyone else experience this? Any suggestions to help me out?

perhaps put a pillow under your lower legs to lift them?

Thanks for the quick reply, stoppit&tidyup. I tried that once when I was trying to fall asleep but it didn’t help. My electrologist actually has it too but luckily, hers’ only troubles her when she is trying to sleep. She recommended getting Xanax to calm down but that is a prescription drug.

What I’m really trying to ask is: Is it okay to go to a doctor and ask for some sort of medication to help me through this?

Well, I have that too … except my symptoms are a bit different. I tried the medications specific to RLS, but the side effects were not pleasant. Accidentally, I discovered Ultram (tramadol HCL) and that stopped my symptoms almost totally (only 25 mg at night).

This is a prescription medication that is fairly safe. I would go with 50 mg., two hours before your appointment. This is long-lasting but takes time to take effect. This should calm your legs and make the electrolysis pain a bit less. This medication is not typically used for RLS, but my doctor is now prescribing it for this use.

(Please note, I am NOT prescribing this to you. I am only giving you my experience as a patient myself. Talk to your doctor. If she wants the name of my physician, I can supply that for you.)

I did not pay attention, I thought you were just talking about the leg pain from lying in that one position for a long time. sorry!

A new drug for restless legs was approved in April. Ask your doctor about it.


One should first check if Magnesium and/or Quinine (found in tonic water) help alleviate this problem, before going to Big Pharma for a solution. Did you know that prescriptions for RLS drugs go up when a casino gets built in an area? Seems one of the side effects is lowered impulse control. Neat, huh?

Natural remedies are best…BUT!..if the natural stuff doesn’t work, big pharma may save the day. After all, many of our medications are plant based or from the natural world around us.

You can try the natural sleeping/resting remedies like Valerian and Melatonin: http://altmedicine.about.com/cs/conditionsitoq/a/Insomnia.htm

If I have too much stress I sometimes have this problem - for me allways helps one Magnesium and one multivitamin complex pill - it helps if its nerve related issue…

What method is your electrologist using? Can you find someone using the faster thermolysis modalities?

Hey, I only ever get restless legs once in a while, but, while having electrolysis, it seems to be a constant. I was shaking all over poor James’ table. Just about all I could do was to tense my legs and keep them a few inches in the air. As you can imagine this will get tiring…and give a good ab workout.

Thank you everyone for responding!

Before I tried any prescription medications, I went the herbal way and bought some Valerian root pills. I took one an hour before my appointment and unfortunately it didn’t work for me. My electrologist has recommended 50 minute sessions for me now.

Maybe I should stop my chocolate consumption before appointments? Still going to keep up with the Valerian root and see if it needs time to work.

Just give a try to magnesium and multivitamine with B-complex, you will be happy - I had this problem today, taken this two little pills and it is ok now :slight_smile:

That website says Valerian takes a couple weeks to kick in. Melatonin would be faster.

I drive James nuts too :wink: I don’t have RLS but I have the same problem. After about 60-90 minutes (with synchro over 2500 eL) the urge to move my legs is overwhelming, and I start stretching my legs and feet. In my case I assume it is just the normal fight or flight response.

I thought I was the only one weird enough to get leg pain! I find the leg ache more annoying than the pain in the area treated by electrolysis. I grimace and clench my jaws in expectation of the pain that jolts down my legs with every insertion, which themselves are pain free. It is the most uncomfortable aspect of my treatment. I find that it I cross my legs with the leg in most pain tensed and clamped down by the other.

SEE A DOCTOR. No electrologist is qualified to answer that with the instruction we have had. If you know people with that complaint you might get an idea about it but in MEDICINE… NO TWO PATIENTS ARE ALIKE.