Electrolysis recommendation in N Jersey/NYC area?

Hello. After 10 laser treatments on my face with really bad results I have decided to do electrolysis.

Can anyone recommend an electrolygist in the North Jersey or NYC area?

I found one in NYC named Maria Vega that sounds good. Has anyone been treated with her?

Any suggestions will be very much appreciated.


Hi Isabel,
A few people have mentioned Maria Vega in the past, with positive comments. here is the most recent one:

this post

this woman raved about her- she said that she had gone to a few different places and maria did the quickest cleanest job.

an older post called “Appointment with Maria Vega” said this:

Hi, I had an appointment on Thursday. she was a nice lady. I am not sure if she used the highest intensity she could of… it hardly felt like anything, she said it was “aplius” (sp?)

her place was very easy to find, very convenient. my skin feels much smoother than the first time. there really is no scabbing, like last time. just little bumps, my chin feels a little like a bruise (as it did last time) ,she spent 1/2 an hour for $50
I will probably stick with her since it was so convenient.

i hope this helps

Thank you for that!

Sounds like she is pretty good.

I will call her and make an appointment with her.

Also, I’ll post a message with the results of my first consultation.