Electrolysis question...



I tried electrolysis a while back and it did not work for me. I was wondering why this was as it seems to be the key for so many people with unwanted hair problems. I had the hair around my nipples worked on and I had been plucking the hair there for about 6 years (this, I was told by the electrolygist, meant that the treatment would take much longer to work.) I got the electrolysis done once a week for about 3-4 months but never saw any improvements at all on the area. Also, each time the needle was inserted, I got a red welt on the area and sometimes a whitehead. I would also get a scab over each place the needle was inserted and it would take about a week for the scab to fall off. I was dating a guy at the time, and it was so hard for me to arrange our dates according to my scabs and electrolysis appointments. Did I go to a very bad electrolygist or is this normal? The place where I went for treatment closed down soon after I stopped my treatment. I am suspicious and am wondering if perhaps electrolysis really is the answer to my prayers after all. I would REALLY appreciate any help as this problem of my unsightly and scarred nipples is really starting to control my life. Thanks…


Blkdove: You must have had kookie electrolysist. I am a male that had much hair in the nipple area. After having it removed I never had any of it come back; nor did I have any scabbing or other problems. Pick out another operator and I am sure you will be pleased with the results.


Hmm wow that’s interesting. I have been plucking for a while so I figured it would take a long time to see any improvement, but I just assumed that the irritation and scabbing was normal. I was surprised, though, because I couldn’t imagine how someone could get electrolysis on their upper lip, for instance, and still feel comfortable going out in public… wouldn’t the whole area be inflammed and scabbed for a week after the treatment? Interesting. Thanks for your reply!!!


This is just another case where the skill of your practitioner and the equipment used in treatment makes a big difference. I have had clients do the entire upper lip and go out for cocktails later that day.


Not normal for my clients or myself. I never skip anything after my upper lip treatment. My clients go back to work, party whatever they usually do. If I may suggest, allow area to heal and search out another electrolygist.