Electrolysis: Possibility of scaring/discolor

Hey Guys,
i’ve read around here a good bit but i just want to confirm.

I’m male, around 26, indian[asia] skin type.
I went for my consultation yesterday, Im looking to get electrolysis above my shaving region on the cheeks.

Look, no hair above shaving region :D, Over the years of plucking the hair there, has cause the hair to grow stronger but its located sparsely, so its not the same consistency as my beard, which is good.

question is what are the chances of scaring and discoloration, The therapist has 25 years of experience and knows to use low heat and says she is very careful and has not had any complaints of scaring

Also She said i might be going there for a year [YIKES, wtf?]
Is there any statistics out there? also because my hair is so thick at this stage, is there a chance electrolysis wont even work?

Depending on the skill of the electrologist and your immune system, you may have no discoloration or scarring. Scarring is rare and is not caused by electrolysis, but rather by the PERSON DOING ELECTROLYSIS ON YOU INCORRECTLY. A pencil does not misspell a word, the person using the pencil to write a word misspells a word. Have your electrologist do a couple of short treatments the way she is comfortable removing hair and go home and observe your healing. Do proper aftercare, as well.

You said “wtf” about the time it takes to get permanent hair removal. Do you say that about the time it takes to create a human life, as in having a baby, getting a college education, losing 75 pounds, building a house, learning to play tennis…??? PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL takes time because of nothing you caused or nothing the electrologist caused. It is out of both o your hands because Mother Nature has bestowed and blessed us superbly with something called HAIR GROWTH CYCLES. This means that all the hair you REALY have is not growing at the same time. We have to remove what is there today and wait and wait and wait and wait over a period of time for all the bothersome hair to come to the surface in dribs and drabs. We can only treat what we can see. We need a target so we can “kill” the hair. That process takes 3 hair growth cycles or 9 months minimum.

ELECTROLYSIS WORKS ON ANY STRUCTURE OF HAIR FROM VERY FINE TO VERY, VERY THICK. ELECTROLYSIS WORKS ON ANY SKIN COLOR. ELECTROLYSIS WORKS ON ANY COLOR OF HAIR. How much better do you want it? Time will pass quickly and before you know it, you will have a nicely shaped beard. If you are not a patient person that can work toward a goal and wait for something good to happen, then don’t do electrolysis, have a baby, go to school, build a house, lose weight or play tennis like a pro. A lot of things take time and people do understand that concept. I’m adding electrolysis to that list. Please read up on electrolysis and listen to your practitioner so you go forward well informed.

By the way, what kind of statistics do you want?