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Posted by Michael Bono :


Michael Bono - 3/14/14 :

“I suppose I was the first one to showcase this (?), and this is my primary mode of operation. You CAN “bank on it!” Actually, I now only work on cases that present me with this nice option (3-clearances +): getting this finished ASAP!

If you have not been waxing, shaving, and all the hair is in the natural state, THREE clearances will render you close to 90% clear (or better), for the rest of your life. The forth clearance is often desired to render the area about 99% clear.

Those of us that use this strategy guarantee our results (if you fall into the ideal category). There are, indeed, a host of other strategies that are universally employed, and these are equally as effective. A LOT depends on your availability, where you live vis-à-vis the therapist, your own desired program and, of course, your funds available.

Whichever strategy works for you, it will cost you about the same in the final tally. Each case is specifically designed for each individual patient. There is no “one size fits all” approach to electrolysis."

Michael Bono

michael… in my case I got induced facial hair growth from laser. I never had any facial hair. Dont ask why but stulidly I did laser it induced the hair. my laser therapist at the time promised that the solution was more laser. This led to me having 5 years of laser treatmentthat kept on stimulating the growth over and over. I ended up with a proper beard and hair all over my neck. I have finally decided to do electrolysis. I am doing it with Sharon from Park Side. She managed to clear the area of the cheeks in an hour. I’m going back for another hour on my neck. I was wondering how many clearances till I’m hair free. will the laser induced growth come back? how will I notice? when will I notice that this is indeed working? Also my face is still swollen 4 days later and I have a few scabs. Will this go away? Thanks!