Electrolysis pain reduction?

I had an hour long session today, took 4 paracetamol tablets 30m before session and it didn’t help one bit.

What are some popular methods for pain reduction during the procedure?

You may have access to numbing creams either by prescription or over-the-counter. The easiest to access is probably EMLA cream, though you may be able to find some more powerful stuff in your part of the world. If your electrologist works alongside a doctor or dentist, they may offer lignocaine or some other type of pain management. This will probably cost extra.

The easiest method is for your electrologist to use an insulated probe and reduce the intensity if she is not doing so already. This may be enough to see you through an hour long treatment.

Your first step is to speak with your electrologist about pain management.

Cheap and easy hair removal pain management options:

Topical anesthetic options:

If you are having electrolysis around the mouth area, this may interest you: I have heard of patients scheduling their electrolysis session to be on the same day after an appointment with their dentist to fill a cavity. Though obviously I would hope you wouldn’t deliberately give yourself cavities just to get freezing around your lips! Personally, I like to dig my trimmed, short fingernails into the fabric of my pants. Sort of like “biting a bullet”.

Pain is subjective. Some do extremely well with nothing, as long as the electrologist can work on finding a recipe that is quite tolerable. Using larger probes helps disperse the energy better. Slight pinching around the area when the zap occurs is helpful, too.

There is no doubt that a nerve block creates total numbness, but not everyone has the luxury of having a nerve block for upper lip work.

Applying over the counter, numbing creams for a couple hours and keeping it moist helps to take the edge off.

Certain brand epilators offer a smoother more comfortable zap.

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