Electrolysis or not?

I just went to a new place today and the machine that my new electrologist used didn’t make any sounds. She’d just insert the needle and then pull the hair out with a tweezer. I don’t know if she was using a foot switch.
When I asked her she got very defensive and said that what she does is real electrolysis and what I did before was not.
I just want to make sure that this is normal.

many electrologists will operate with the sounds turned off, it can add to the anxiety of the client/ I personaly like tohave it on so I know for certain a full cycle has completed, but honestlythe sound isnt necessary.


I agree with Seana, however, there are some clients that react negatively to the beeps. The beeps can heighten the clients sensation, knowing that the imminent zap that follows the sound, can make them apprehensive as they associate the sensation with the beeps. If I see that a client is a ball of nerves and jumps/reacts with every zap, I will mute the sound. This often helps. Maybe your electrologist wants the sound muted? If the hair is not being tugged out, don’t worry about sound. Maybe her epilator is not programmed to make sounds? Some older epilators don’t. Is her epilator an older model?

Why did she say, “what she does is real electrolysis and what I did before was not”. ?
Context please?