Electrolysis or Laser????

My skin is light brown (check out my pic on my profile) and I’ve been considering elecrolysis or laser for my upper lip hair but I’m not sure which one if best for me. Any suggestions?

defenatly electro, upper lips are easy

Is anyone surprised that I agree with Tiny on this one?
The image I will never forget is the interview with Nancy Sinatra the day after her father Frank died. All the media is rushing to her door to get her reaction and film her telling the world her thanks for all the incoming condolences. One can’t help noticing her entire upper lip has the tell-tale white scar of a recent laser treatment and not even her makeup can conceal it. If she watched any of that news coverage that day, she could not have been happy about what she saw.

Had she had electrolysis from one of the gals sporting an Apilus or Silhouet-Tone machine in Vegas like I would have told her, she would have looked perfectly normal for that interview as long as it was done at least 3 hours after her appointment.

I am sure that she could have gotten an hour or two with our TG tested member of the Electrology Super Friends:
Ingrid Carlos
4009 Del Monte Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89102
(702) 870-1055

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