Electrolysis or Laser Removal?

I have fair skin and light brown hair and would like to remove hair permanently on the bikini area - Brazilian style.

I have no clue on what’s best for me. I’ve heard Laser is not permanent for some people.
I’m also not sure about costs…

Is electrolysis much more expensive than laser? Is it better?

I would appreciate any help -
Thanks much.

laser works best on light skin and dark coarse hair since it’s attracted to the dark pigment. since your hair is light, i would definitely recommend getting a test spot done at various settings with laser to figure out if it’s dark enough for laser to work. if it is, laser is most efficient for the bikini area and thus more cost-effective than electrolysis. it removes a lot of hair with one laser zap, electrolysis works per each hair. brazilian costs vary from $150-300 per treatment and you will need 5-6 total. Electrolysis is about $60-70 per hour and removes about 5-6 hairs a minute on average. It takes a few zaps to kill each hair too.

So some people get totally permanent removal results with laser? Will there be future maintenance treatments for peace after her 5-6 treatments or will the hair be gone for good?

Just curious. Thanks!

for most people, results are permanent. the jury is still out. there is a small percentage of people on whom it doesn’t work at all. with light skin and coarse hair results are usually the best. also, after 5-6 treatments, you might have some fine thin stragglers that will be best removed with electrolysis since laser has a hard time targeting very fine hair. I’ve had great results on bikini and underarms where hair was very coarse. either way, your body will produce some new hair as you get older, so you will need about 1 touch-up a year or so afterwards.