Electrolysis on upper lip


Hi I was hoping that someone could give me some feedback on this. Actually i want to get rid of my upper lip, which i have been threading for about 4 years now. I talked to my electrologist about it & she said I should come in for 10-15 minute durations and she should start on the edges first. She said it would take about 30 hrs to get rid of it totally. So I’m thinking only removing 10 mins worth a week would end up taking like forever. So should I just tell her to remove all of it every single time? When I asked her the same question she said if I did that it would mean I would have to do that every time with alot of pain & swelling since it’s such a sensitive area. But it almost seems worth it to get rid of the whole thing instead of walking around w/ half a mustache, ya know? Well if anyone has any advice, I’d love to hear about it. Thanks!


i don’t know much, but i think is better to clear the area everytime you go.And you can also use anesthetic, and about the swelling i don’t know, but i can suggest to stay home that day if you can
good luck


The amount of swelling you might experience is a very individual thing. In addition to your own biology, the equipment your electrologists uses will make a difference here as well. I find that a person who wants to just get there quick like you say can get a bare lip in one long appointment, or two to three appointments spread out over a week if the practitioner is using a Silhouet-Tone VMC, Apilus, or a Fischer Computerized epilator. You would then be able to keep it clear with regular treatment.

This is radical treatment, and you may swell up really bad under this protocol, but if you really want first clearance quick, that is how you would do it. In most cases, one would have no more than 30 mins of treatment on the entire upper lip in any one week’s time.


Thanks for the advice, i have been getting my chin cleared now for 6 months now but the pain for the upper lip is like double the amount. Actually once she finishes my upper lip I can’t even feel her doing my chin. For some reason it hurts way more on the left side than on the right side, is that normal? Luckily i have no swelling but it hurts too much for her to go for so long. She usually spends like 10 minutes and I can’t tell u how nice it is to have no mustache. I would definitely recommend anyone who may be having misgivings about removing that hair to do so. Even after 1 treatment u see such a major difference. It’s painful but i really think it’s worth the pain. Good luck.


Could you give me the name of your electrologist and let me know how treatment is, does your skin heal well?? I have been searching and would like someone good. Does she use newer equipment?? Anyway, you can respond here or private message me at lasthope720@hotmail.com. Thank you. God bless.


I’ve been getting my upper lip done since july of this year (for almost 4 months now). I started out by going for 30 minute sessions at a time because i was more concerned about getting rid of my facial hair quicker than my upper lip being swollen. I did full galvanic electrolysis and therefore, treatment time for each hair is much longer. I had a lot of upper lip swelling, but I made my appointments in the evening so that when I woke up the swelling would be gone - worked like a charm. During the past month, I’ve been going for only 15 minutes sessions and I have no course hairs left on my upper lip and chin. I was so stressed about my facial hair before I started this electrolysis and I kept reading this message board to reassure myself that it would work. And, I am happy to say that my facial hair on my upper lip and chin are unoticable and I don’t even need to see the electrologist anymore - I’m just going now to remove the fine hairs. I hope this helps!!!


I have had 2 treatments now done to my upper lip & am already feeling an improvement. However after the 2nd treatment I have been feeling an odd sensation on my upper lipthe area treated, there r no scabs or marks or anything but it just feels weird like stiff or something. Any ideas on what’s going on? Is this normal? They did use a numbing lotion that they placed in my mouth & outside but I doubt that could last for this long. It is much better now but for the first few days it was definetly weird. By the way I moved from Cleveland and so my electrologist is elsewhere. sorry:(. Thanks!


Hi Mona,

I had my upper lip cleared for the first time on Tuesday and I was really nervous because that’s such a sensitive area :fearful:

To my surprise, my electrologist numbed the area so well that I honestly hardly felt a thing! I go back in 3 weeks (unless I need to see her sooner :wink: ) and will find out what she uses (to numb and her equipment too). By the time she had cleared my chin, my upper lip wasn’t even red anymore nor was there any noticeable swelling. I’d say she spent about 30-40 mins on my lip and 30-40 mins on my chin.

The only thing I can think of regarding you experiencing more pain on one side compared to the other, is maybe the numbing was wearing off?! My electrologist asked me a few times how I was feeling and she’d reapply the “stuff” if I felt anything.

Good luck and keep us posted!



It is quite normal for one side to hurt more than the other, not sure of the reason for it though.

It happens to me when I do my eyebrows and bikini area, but it’s not consistent.
The right bikini hurts more and the left eyebrow…go figure!



There are usually more hairs on the left side of the face than the right side of the face due to the more oxygen rich blood supply coming from the heart. Therefore there are more insertions in the same small area on the left, compared to the right.