Electrolysis on the cheekbones

Here I would like to show you the results after 3 sessions of electrolysis on my face, in particular on my cheekbones.

This is the picture of the cheekbone before starting the treatment in february 2014. As you can see, there is a lot of vellus hair.

This is a picture before the thirth session

The hair on cheekbones were totally removed, as you can see in the next picture of february 2015 :

This picture was taken today, only few days after the thirth session.

After the treatment od electrolysis in the cheek (moreover I was removed some vellus hair on the nose), I noticed that the pores are now more tighted.

I would like to make clear that I did some laser treatment on the cheek before electrolysis. This is why we can see few regrowth in the beard area and the cheeks. There is no link with the electrolysis treatment that I received.

With this picture I am showing that only the upper cheekbones received 3 complete sessions of electrolysis.