electrolysis on sideburns-female

I’m a female with light skin and dark hair who has gotten electrolysis on my upper lip and chin for almost 2 years now, with good results-over the past year, I have gone in only every 2 or 3 months for a touch-up. I recently decided to get my sideburn area done because I have pretty thick sideburns. I like my electrologist a lot, but since she has started the sideburns, I have felt the plucking sensation a lot more when she is removing the hairs–she says she occasionally will accidentally pull out another hair after she zaps one because the hairs are much denser there, but I am worried I am feeling the plucking too much. The hair always seemed to slide out of the follicle when she did electrolysis on my lips and chin, so I was pretty confident she was doing insertions correctly. Should I be worried, or does the plucking feeling probably only occur because my sideburns hair is denser and coarser than my hair was on my upper lip and chin?

If the hair is thicker, it is necessary to raise the current time, or intensity.

The hair should slide out of the follicle without resistance. In all areas, facial or body, and for all hair types.

You can ask to insert a group of hairs before extracting. In this way she will prevent pull another hair “not treated” by mistake.

I use slanted tweezers instead of pointed ones, so I occasionally pluck out a neighbor hair on accident. Once or twice a session maybe. I don’t think you should be feeling it constantly throughout the session though.

Does she have a good vision set up? Maybe she really can’t tell the hairs apart in such a dense area because she can’t see them well enough…

Agreed hair should slide , the only thing it may be is the bulbs may be slightly bigger so you may feel slight pull but not to the same extent as a plucking feeling. Just express your concerns to her be polite and if theres no change you may be better off going elsewhere.

Thanks, depilacion–that is a good idea to ask her to insert a group of hairs before removing. And yes, I think she has a pretty good vision set up–she uses a big magnifier attached to the overhead light for all the hairs. I will just have to be assertive and polite next time. Thank you very much for all your replies!

Here, you can see the finger technique. WITHOUT RESISTANCE


The hair should slide out without resistance. Try plucking the hair yourself at home. It shouldn’t feel like that during treatment. If the hair is not sliding out easily, she should be zapping it again. The only thing that’s ok to feel is the very coarse hair sliding out of the follicle, but it wouldn’t feel like plucking still.

The electrolysis on the sideburns has been working much better the past few sessions, I can feel the insertions sliding out more smoothly–thanks for the tips everyone.

This probably sounds like a silly question, but is putting sunscreen on the face there going to stimulate more hair growth? I’ve usually started putting it on the face again a day after treatment, but even though it’s oil free, I’ve been afraid recently that it will cause more hair growth there.

No, sunscreen doesn’t have anything to do with hair. I would avoid putting on lotions with harsh chemicals until your skin heals each time though.