Electrolysis on Scalp

Nice Forum 1st Post here

Recently i had a hair transplantation and i’m pretty pleased with it except for about i would say 30 to 35 grafts that have 3hairs coming out of each pore instead of 1.

I guess im a perfectionist.No one seems to notice but it bothers me.

Im quite new to hair removal but from what i read laser would be out of the question since i would be targeting individual hairs.

In the perfect situation these 30 grafts would be reduced to 1 or 2 hair instead of 3.But, if i have to remove them all, thats ok too.

Is this possible to do without scarring my head ?This is on the frontal hairline and visible so i wouldnt want to injure the skin.

So im thinking of either getting 1 of those home kits or going to a reputable clinic.Any recommendations in the NYC area ? From the posts i’ve read Lucy Peters and Fior Gior are talked about the most.

Oh one more thing …In my situation would galvanic or thermolysis be better ?

THANK YOU for any info , this means alot to me.

There’s a chance you might damage the other hairs in the graft, but transplant correction is a common electrolysis procedure. Do go to someone good. Both practitioners you mention have a lot of experience.

In the situation you have described, a good practitioner will be able to remove the offending grafts without scarring. Of course, the grafting process will have left some type of clues of skin tramma for someone who is looking very closely, but who will be that close?

It is also possible that a practitioner working with a computerized machine would be able to thin those grafts down to two to one hair per follicle. You are not locked in to removing the entire graft just because it is currently growing more than one hair.