Electrolysis on PCOS girl

Let’s keep this short and sweet. :sweat_smile: Im a girl who suffers from PCOS, recently I finally started electrolysis on my chin.
I have alot of thick, coarse hair due to my condition.

I’m sorry taking a picture in focus its tricky for me.

I had two 30 minutes session on my chin so far. The lady used gold probe. I followed the after care routine. ( which hazel, aloe vera, water)
Now I have a patch of skin that doesn’t seem to heal up since my first session 2 weeks ago. Would anyone be able to suggest what it could be? Is it infected or overtreated?
Thank you for taking the time to read my post. :blush:

Closer pic.

You will be fine. This doesn’t concern me. Have you been cleared of all the hair yet?

This is The Healing Skin. Look up Michael Bono’s videos on YouTube. One is called … The Healing Skin.

Thank you very much for your reply. :smiley:
No, I haven’t. The person I’m seeing asked me to come in once a week for 6 weeks.
Im new to electrolysis so please forgive me my ignorance. I have plenty to learn about the process.
I’ll definitely check out Michael Bono’s video.
Once again thank you for taking the time to reply to my concern. :slightly_smiling_face:

Some pics after my 3rd session.

I got some inflammation that’s hard to catch on camera. I’ve read some old posts and I know inflammation its a sign of healing, in my case this inflammation been small at first and getting bigger, I have this swelling for over a week now.

20210515_235601|225x500 ![Screenshot_20210515-235519_Gallery|225x500]


Congratulations on taking charge of your hair growth issue.
Your electrologist is the expert in post treatment care and you might take up the issue with her.
I always suggest polysporin applied sparingly post treatment 2 x daily for the first three days.
I also suggest ensuring your skin is completely healed ( no inflammation) before your next session.
This may take as long as three weeks.

Thank you for your message. Im going to be honest with you, im going crazy with worrying here.
She suggested rose water, never used it before so not sure with the outcome.
Found picture of edema after overtreatment thats look similar to mine and my imagination is going wild.

The skin heals from the inside out. This will heal. Make sure you are taking zinc to aid in your skin healing process.

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Daniel Eastman (now living in Hawaii) had a big studio in Hollywood (beauty and electrolysis). He had all the celebs in the area. People would ask him what their skin would look like right after a treatment; and for a while afterward. He would say, “HONEY, you’re going to look like a horror story!” What a funny guy. He even had wall paper designed with his logo “de” … for Dan Eastman. “Horror story” is a bit much, but people got the idea that their skin won’t look perfect for a while.And, it doesn’t!


Mr Boro, thank you for taking the time to message me. Im a big fan of your videos on YouTube. So informative and helpful. :grinning: Still it doesn’t stop me from fussing over my skin. Lol
" Honey, you’re going to look like a horror story!" Brilliant! :rofl:
I would say I’m getting there. Lol The situation got a bit more complicated since I took the pic. I’ve got infection that caused swelling to my face and neck. I’ve got to look like a Rocky Balboa after fight :sweat_smile:
Anyway all’s well that ends well.

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Asha, thank you for the tip. :sunflower:

Oh … well, the only real danger is actual infection. Not localized pustules, but deep infection. If this is the case, get to your physician. You might need medication. Skin infections can be quite serious, indeed.

I hope everyone is keeping well.:slightly_smiling_face:
Though I pop back and share an update about my electrolysis journey.
Since my set back (swelling on my chin) I’ve been taking it easy. Took a break from electrolysis. Its now over a month since my last appointment and I’m thinking of going back.
But first I would love to hear your opinion about my skin condition. Is it ready for another round :thinking:

hard to tell , because we dont know the before state. is there unusual swelling left? which unit are you using?

greeting from another diy pcos girl :wink: