electrolysis on neck, ouch!

I am getting electrolysis done on my neck. It is exteremly painful. Almost the worst pain I have ever felt, although I have never had children. When she does it on my face, however, it does not hurt nearly as much. Anyway, during and after the treatment, the skin on my neck swells at each hair follicle and it itches like crazy. Sometimes, I can also feel her pulling the hair out and that is painful. She tells me that I just react bad. Is this a bad thing? Has anyone else ever experienced this? Thanks for your advice!

Don’t scratch. Apply Hydrocortisone, perferably an Aloe Cortisone. Tea Tree Oil will help it heal faster as well.

I don’t have the pain like you experience but then I am not sure how far down the neck you are getting treated. I do, however, get the raised bumps and they actually feel hard sometimes. It also gets very itchy and it takes all my will power not to scratch.

I am going as far down as the sternal notch… the angle between the clavical bones. It seems to be more tender on the tracheal line… the skin is pretty thin there. I just wonder if anyone else gets bad reactions like this on any part of their body?