Electrolysis on male legs, is REDUCTION, possible?

ok, I`m 16 and considering electrolysis on my legs as they are very hairy but I want to reduce the hair, not completely remove it. how should i go about this and is this even possible?

It is certainly possible. YOu just need someone who understands hot to make this happen. Basically, you do one clearance, and check the reduction that you get from that. If you want more reduction, you do another clearance 12 to 24 weeks later.

ok, my legs are pretty much like

just by looking at that picture, how long would u assume the first clearance would take?, i do have a couple of other questions i need answered regarding electrolysis. but the first question is a little embrarressing but how do you know when your body has finished puberty?. i have hair on my chest, stomach, legs, buttox, pubic areas, face, fingers, toes, underarm… deep voice, ect… and I am concidering when I turn 18 to start this treatment. my questions are. I want to get the reduction done on my arms aswell and remove hair apart from a line on my stomach and remove the hair on my lower back aswell as remove buttox hair… with the last one i have herd it is extremely uncomfetable because there is no hair to create friction and sweat ect… this true or false? please and thank you

That picture appears to be a good candidate for laser hair removal. The hair is very dark, and an treatment using an alexandrite laser should provide very good results after five or six treatments, spaced apart several weeks.

I can’t see the link, but if you can knock out the bulk of hair with a good LASER, then do so. It will be very expensive for all those areas, but it will most likely perhaps give you a good reduction so as you may not even need electrolysis.

Men start growing thicker hair at puberty and new hair may stimulated as patterns spread out until age 35-40 years old. Then, when that is over, the ears and eyebrows may start growing cable wire hair. Oh, yeah. :confused:

ok let me make this clear… i don`t want laser… and i am willing to pay as much time and money to electrolysis as i need to be happy… and atm, i not happy…

Understand and I can see the picture now.

Yes, electrolysis will work with lovely precision for all structures and colors of hair on your legs. You will need long sessions up front and you DEFINITELY want to find an electrologist that has a modern setup where they can perform microflash or picoflash thermolysis. Find someone who can sit and perform swift hair removal for more than an hour at a time. Are you close by to Christine O’Connell?

First full clearance will take months or as much as 50 -70 hours to accomplish, including your feet. May I ask why you are opposed to a couple laser treatments first, edwin? If you don’t care to share your reasons, that is fine. I’m just curious. You can still get electrolysis, but laser could knock out the bulk of the hair and speed up your goals.

Using a hair trimmer would get you a visually better looking set of legs until you can get a permanent plan going.

Edwin, if it is something you are willing to discuss, can you elaborate why you have such a strong bias against laser treatement? Based on leg pic alone, it could be a much faster and economical way to (hopefully dramatically) reduce hair on your entire body.

I will only say that if it is a big issue for you, don’t investigate and let it go if it is something that you really feel self conscious about. Go for it now rather than later. I was decently hairy by 16 and didn’t do anything despite being self conscious about it. At 30 I finally took the initiative. Now I regret all those times I declined going to the beach/jumping in the pool etc.

my reasoning is that laser has been proven to not be permanent where as electrolysis has been proven to be permanent and honestly i am that unhappy with myself that suicide has crossed my mind many many times. though feeling unattractive is mainly stereotyped to be a woman`s train of thought, Men do feel the same. and though more will grow as i grow older i would rather have it permanently removed rather then it regrowing and me feeling the same way. laser did appeal to me but electrolysis appeals more as it is permanent. as I am 16 and working, you can imagine that i would have more money able to be used for whatever I want and though electrolysis may take 5 months to achieve one part of my body and be permanent. its something i look forward to. infact i am that ashamed of my body and this situation i am deciding to wait until i fix all the hair on my body before i start dating again. and btw this is my legs, the other picture was not me, it was a picture i found that was like my legs…

this picture here is my legs

another thing with laser is that you can get burned and permanent scars. yes you can get them with electrolysis but the difference again is the hair removal is permanent. i have invested many many many months in to research into this and i have made up my mind.

Edwin, I have pale skin and previously had black hair similar to yours over my legs, buttocks, and back. A Candela GentleLase laser treatment over several weeks took care of 99% of the hair, and that was over five years ago. What very little hair re-grows is almost non-existent and easily waxed off every few months. The problems with lasers burning people are untrained and unexperienced technicians, using too much energy on too small an area. Any laser technician who’s performed laser hair removal for the last several years knows better than to make those mistakes.

What I’m saying is, your skin is light enough you should not have to worry about laser burning or scarring, ESPECIALLY if you go to a well-respected service that’s been in business for several years.

hi mate, I know nothing about electrolysis, but I’ll tell u about my experiences with laser on legs. u shave ure legs two days prior to the treatment, apply a light anasthetic cream about an hour before the session. The nurse does the whole legs in about 45mins. Then all the hair falls/sheds from the root approx three weeks after the laser hair removal.

Hair then starts reappearing about six weeks afterwards, finer and thinner but wihout patches (not on the first go -or second or third!)

I think I had patchy regrowth around treatment number 5. But since total hair elimination was my goal, it wasnt a problem. Now after about treatment number 12 there is maybe 30 strands of hair left over my whole legs which I spend about 10 mins every 8 weeks removing by tweezer. Its so fine and easy to remove that it is virtually painless. Anyway, I digress!

So, assuming you find a reputable clinic and more importantly a competent/experienced nurse to carry out the procedure, why-o-why would you want to spend around 50 hours undergoing first clearance with electrolysis - especially if hair reduction is ure goal and not permanent removal?

And lets have no more talk of feeling down - not over hair! A couple of sessions with laser or electrolysis, a couple of hours per week in the gym - and BOOM ule turn into mr bombastic - license to thrill, just in time for summer '11!

You have a biased perspective of laser and electrolysis, probably from biased information you’re reading on the internet (electrolysis places say that laser is not permanent and laser places claim that electrolysis leaves scars). They both have pluses and minuses and they both work well without any side effects and permanently when used properly. Any variations result from improper use, not the method itself.

You probably won’t care about my opinion, but your hair looks completely normal to me. In fact, most males I know have a lot more hair on their legs and it’s a lot more coarse and dense.

Either way, laser is a good option for you given your skin and hair type. There will be no patchiness if the clinic overlaps properly and you get touchups on any missed hairs 3 weeks after each treatment. At good settings, removal would be completely permanent. You will probably only want about 3-4 treatments for a reduction and not an almost complete removal. Legs have long hair cycles, so you’d only need a treatments once every 12-16 weeks. So you can judge how things go and stop when you’re happy.

p.s. Caith and two, we’d love your stories in the Success Stories sticky thread on the laser portion of this forum.