Electrolysis on male chest and back

Hey everyone i have a few questions about this whole procedure and maybe someone can give me some insight. Im a 27 male that has a lot of chest and abdomen hair, anyone having any suggestions on what to use for maintenance or permanent solutions. I have tried the Cream depilatories and the hair just regrows thicker and darker, i have also tried Rotary epilators but this left marks on a small area on my body that eventually went away and this was done on my upper arm where there is very fine hair and i am afraid to see the effects on my chest. So basically my question is should i see an electrolsis? Could I use a combination of things maybe wax then use the Rotary epilators when the hairs first grow in? HELP i hate being hairy <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" />

If you want it removed forever, you need Electrolysis.

I was also about 27 when I first started waxing my chest hair;but I could never keep pace with the regrowth.Therefore I made the decision to save my money and little by little I was able to get rid of all my chest and back hair by the time I was 30. I have never been more pleased;and that is what I sugest you do.

Thankyou for the replies i might just go and do that now just time to find a good doctor in the cleveland oh area.

We had a member named “Kilimanjaro” or something like that, who found someone good in the Cleveland area. Maybe he is still with us, or perhaps you can find his recommendation someplace on the site.