Electrolysis on Male Beard and Neck

What is the best electrolysis method (blend, etc.) for use on a male beard that densely grows with thick black hair?

Assuming that the goal is to reduce the density of the growth (less hairs per area) so that there is not a 5 o’clock shadow after shaving, what is a good hair density (if there is such a measure) that will still allow me to still grow a beard and be able to preserve masculinity (not looking to be androgenous) ?

On average how many sessions should be needed to achieve such goal?

The best method will be the one the particular practitioner you are using is most comfortable working with.

If you don’t go below 100 hairs per square inch, you would tend to be able to grow a credible beard.

Thanks, James - appreciate the response.

As a follow up question, if I still want to be able to grow a beard but not have a “5 o’clock shadow” even after shaving (from the dark hairs that are below the skin), how many hairs per square inch should I look to have?

While no practitioner is likely to be counting hairs to meet a quota, most people with 250 hairs per square inch or less have an easy time of shaving.