electrolysis on legs

Hi, I´m a 19 year old female and new to this forum. I´m considering electrolysis on my legs. I actually
went to an electrologist on May 13th, only I´m a little bit worried because there are still quite
a lot of red bumps. This electrologist ( I hope that´s the right word ? ) has been recommended to me
by 3 women, all of them electrologists by the way. One of them was treated very successfully by her
( on the face ). My skin is very, very sensitive and very fair. The hair is brown and fine, but theres rather a lot of it. During the past years Ive tried almost everything: shaving ( caused terrible razor burn, ingrown hair etc. ),
waxing ( some of the hair went, some of it didn´t come off because it was too short like on the
back of my shins … ) , plucking ( too tedious and left terrible bumbs ), depilatory creams ( same problems
as with shaving )…whatever I tried it never worked, at least not for a very long time.
I´ve read some horrible stories about laser hair removal, so I
didn`t think that wasa good idea. Anyway, I´d be very grateful if somebody could tell me if it´s
all right for the red bumps to be still visible after more than a week and whether there´s anything
I can do to avoid such a strong reaction next time. I didn´t really feel lots of pain while she
epilated me, so I presume she did it the correct way ? Has anyone had any experience with electrolysis
on their legs? Does it work even on very fair skin or will it leave me hair - free but " red - Bumbed " for the rest of
my life t I´m a little bit confused and would be so happy if somebody could answer my questions.

Do you see little scabs that appeared a few days post-treatment? It is possible to have them on your legs and does not necessarily mean overtreatment. How many scabs do you see, is it almost at every insertion point?

If you don’t feel plucking and your electrologist can work at adequate speed you should be fine. However, it is always a good idea to try out more electrologists in your area. You may find that you don’t get the red bumps, and that your road to enjoying smooth legs is much faster with another electrologist.

Good luck!

Hi yb,
thanks for replying so quickly ! There are quite o lot of scabs, but not at every insertion point.
I think I noticed them about 12 hours after treatment. Is that normal or much too soon ?
I spoke to the electrologist again today and she said that with my skin being so sensitive it could take a couple of weeks for the scabs to heal completely. Is that true ?
I think I will take your advice and try out another electrologist , just in case. Thanks again for your help and information.

Twenty-five years ago, when I was not an electrologist, I had the hair removed from my legs with manual thermolysis. I had little reddish brown spots for quite awhile after treatment. Since it has been so long ago,I can not honestly tell you if I saw these spots for 4 weeks or 20 weeks, but I can tell you, they healed nicely and definitely did go away. I had very little regrowth which pleased me greatly. I have appreciated every day thereafter of not having to shave and love that smooth feeling. I truly wouldn’t worry about this, but it would be interesting to check out other electrologists just to compare skin condition and regrowth rates.


Hello Dee,
it is so reassuring to know that you also had thóse red spots for quite a long time. I thought I was the only one who had a problem with the hair on the legs. Thanks to you I don´t feel so alone anymore. My mother thinks I am a little neurotic , but she has not as much hair on her legs as me. Do you think she is right ? Anyway, I am ever so grateful to you !

Glad you feel reassured, carry. My mother couldn’t understand why I would want the hair removed from my legs either. She made her statement and that’s the only time I heard anything else about it from her. As all Mom’s do, they interject their opinions – they’ve earned this right. It wasn’t an ongoing discussion between me and my Mom. After all, I was a twentysomething paying for electrolysis (and all my other bills) with my hard earned money. I think she has been a little envious of me not having to shave for all these years, but she won’t admit it.

Don’t invest too much worry into what others think you should or not do. But do be quietly respectful, especially towards your Mother.


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I have always wondered why more women don’t get their legs done. It is one of the easiest areas to treat.

I know that I can clear out a womane’s legs to completion faster than I could a face suffering from PCOS, or the bikini work that is so popular these days.

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Hello James W. Walker,

after trying out another 2 electrologists I started my “proper” treatment in the beginning of June. I am going for my 8th session next week and was wondering whether you could tell me how long it usually takes you to clear both legs. I should perhaps tell you that I have really lots and lots of fine hair on my legs, some very fine hair even grows on my feet( especially the left foot). My dermatologist and my electrologist both say that I am " normal "( watever that means). My electrologist started with half an hour, then 1 and now I usually come for 2 hours. she says more than 2 hours would be too much for my sensitve skin. Do you work like that too ? I am actually very satisfied with her and trust her completely but I would like to hear a 2nd opinion. I would be ever so grateful if you could give me some advice !