Electrolysis on female stomach

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday i had my first Electrolysis consultation for my stomach and breast/chest bone area. I was very excited since this has been something that has made me so depressed. My electrologist has seen the area on my stomach i have some darker thick hair around my bellybutton and thin ones that go up hitting just the lower part of my breast. She examined the area and told me “This is going to take a while since your hair is fine but black and very close together”. She did a 15 min test and said that some of my hair foliclies have 2-3 hairs growing. i felt very discouraged by that and asked if a possible clearance would be done in 3-4 hours. She said i can’t tell you that, but electrolysis will work for you. “you’re going to be a fun one” She then scheduled my appoint for Feb 11 for one hour and the following two on the 23 and 24th for one hour each. she said we would go from there…

My question is for any electrologist that have worked on female stomach with fine hairs. How long till you had a first clearance? and after the first clearance do you space out the time of appointments. I also want to get treatment on my breast and Chest bone.

For my Chest Bone she took a look and saw that the hair is vellus short but black. She said theres a lot and would take some time, but that i have a good chance that those would be zapped faster…

Is that correct? I know that electrolysis takes time, but this is something that has really affected me. I am willing to wait 2-3 years till i see results.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for attaching a photo of your stomach, I took a look at it and my professional opinion is that you should clear the darkest hair first (I saw some dark/coarser hair) under your belly button. It’s difficult to give you any information as to how long it will take, or if the Electrologist is correct with her timeline, since I don’t know which modality your electrologist is using, or her approach and method.

It sounds like your are deeply effected by your situation, my recommendation is to ask specific questions, and make sure you’re happy with the answers before you commit to the electrologist. My experience with patients such as yourself is that “we tend to hear, what we want” when we are looking for a solution to a long term problem. If you’re uncertain going into this…chances are you won’t be happy with the end result. I hope this, helps. I’ve been practicing almost 20 years, and it sounds like you’re skeptical going in…

Thanks Muliti-neddle for your response.

I am certain that I want this done, and I know that electrolysis is permanent. I am just really eager to hear some good news like after some regrowth will hair grow thinner? My electrologist said electrolysis would help me. She is using thermolysis on a apilus platinum.

I have other areas that I want to treat as well. I live in California. Do you have any recommendations on electrologists that work on big body parts? I have been having an issue trying to find someone who does.

Hi Regina,

You are on the right path to find a solution to your unwanted hair. That alone is a hurdle! A lot of ppl are too embarrassed to have another person look at their ‘flaws’. Just know that theres tons of others like you, after all we are human and no one is perfect. Kudos to you for seeking help from a professional. :slight_smile:

Looks like you have accelerated vellus hairs on your midriff and a few course hairs on belly button area. If I was treating you, I would start off with the longer dark hairs around the belly button and do blend treatments. Blend is DC and AC currents used simultaneously. The DC will chemically destroy the hair and the germ cells that reproduce hair in the follicle. The AC will speed up the process and electro coagulate. Blend is a electrolysis modality that will take more time inside the follicle to permanently destroy all the cells that reproduce hair. The finer vellus hairs you have can be successfully removed with Thermolysis (AC), but may as well throw in a little DC as insurance. -with that being said, I would say your case can be resolved in 4 -6 months if you come in weekly. I would also not do straight Thermolysis on your hair because of the risk of hyperpigmentation .

Hope this helps… I have been lurking around this site for a while now, and truly have empathy towards those depressed individuals that have unwanted hair issues. I see them every day in my office and am so happy to see my clients blossom out of their depression once the hair thins out and eventually is gone forever ! Keep your hopes up because the future is bright.
Lily Guzman L.E.

Thank You Lily,

You’re from the Bay Area! That’s always a plus, I live in San Jose.
Thank you for the input on what method would work best for me. My electrologist did do a tests patch around my belly button and I do see scabbing on the area she treated. She said since it’s a big area thermolysis would be faster. Do you agree with this?

I have a quick question for you… If I have very little black hairs on my collar bone/ chest bone. Will those be killed faster? My. Electrologist said they look like vellus hair and would be zapped maybe 3-4 times. Also if you know anyone in my area that you recommend I would highly appreciate it as I am trying to work on different body areas.

Fine hair is a area that works well with low level thermolysis. The body will heal up perfectly and some scabbing will be some of the effects of treatment. As other electrologist say, “the goal is to destroy the hair and maintain the integrity of the skin.”

Im sure you want the hair off asap, but remember Rome was not built in a day. Electrolysis is a commitment, but if your committed to have smooth hair free skin, its worth the long haul.
I would not even try laser on your fine vellus hair. It may induce hair growth, which means your fine hair may turn into course hair!

No reputable laser specialist would even attempt to treat fine hair, even if it is dark hair. Laser hair reduction is very effective for COARSE, dense dark hair only, if performed correctly.

I do agree that more hairs can be affected faster by thermolysis on larger areas or even smaller areas with dense growth, such as fine facial hair. I don’t agree that it takes 3 or 4 times to effectively treat one vellus hair. Maybe she was referring to something else? One zap per hair should do it if the enrgy levels are set correctly and the hair slides out with no traction.

Thanks Dee,

I think she meant that after 3 clearances those vellus hairs on my chest bone/ collarbone would be killed… And not have regrowth…

If I’m correct I think I’ve seen you post on another forum about you working on another ladies stomach. After the first clearance did you start to schedule her to come less often?
My electrologist said that would be correct, but my first treatment with her is on Feb 11 for one hour and then I have the 23 & 24th for 1.5 hours with her till the middle of March. How long would you estimate it would take you to have first clearance of something similar like my stomach… Picture above.

I plan on keeping this as my diary and updating after each treatment.

Thank you.

So today i had my first appt for an hour. My electrologist was able to clear a lot of the hair around my belly button. I have to say I’m feeling good so far, definitely want to see more of the hair gone as i want it all gone, but i know that it takes time. I also noticed that the hair the was treated in the small patch before this appt most of it has not grown back, and what did was small and fine. My electrologist said thats a very good sign. Im hoping for my hairs to be killed at a fast rate.

Bellow i will attach a pic of the area treated today i plan on keeping this as my diary through this process. dfr5

This looks very good. Nice work!

I can’t answer “how long does it take to clear” questions. Your Electrologist may be able to tell you, based on what she does. You can see how long it takes to clear an area in an hour, measure it and then estimate. That is probably the best way to figure things out because no two ELECTROLOGISTS are alike. Speed and strategies differ and that can affect how much hair we can remove in one hour.

Just put the time in. Don’t disturb the area by using temporary measures. Push forward and put the effort in up front. Expect three or four clearings over the next 12-18 months. You will be glad you did this and don’t freak out about small scabs and small brown marks. They will fade with time, if not sooner!