Electrolysis on face

Hi I am having some hair on my face. There are coarse hair on my chin. I have visited professional electrologists many times. They treated me with the galvanic type of electrolysis. Now, I am thinking of getting the electrolysis done at home . So which is the best kit i can buy ? What type of electolysis is best for the home use? Is it galvanic or the high frequency? And do i have to undergo some training in some saloon before trying it myself or it is safe to try it myself ? What re all the things i will have to puchase ? Or the elecrolysis kit comes with everything included in it? Please help me with this.

Thank you so much.

You will need books like:
The Blend Method by Mike Bono
Cosmetic and Medical Electrolysis by Richards & Meharg
Modern Electrolysis By Fino Gior

You should then look to buy a used professional model that performs galvanic and or blend mothod that is made by companies like Apilus, Fischer, Intantron, and Silhouet-Tone.

Finally, you should get a buddy to read the book(s) that you get and the two of you trade work on each other.

For the record, I highly discourage amateur thermolysis (10 times more than I discourage amaeur home electrology of any kind) because by the time you know that you have made a mistake, you have a big hole in your skin or maybe permenant wrinkles and pitting. At least with galvanic and blend it takes some time to really do yourself in.