Electrolysis on cheek bone

This is my first post and I’m new to the community. Sorry if I have chooses wrong category or top , I’ll do better next time.
I have a lot of thin hair on my cheekbone area and uppercheek that connects to eyebrow. I have read a lot of post about pitting and scarring in that area. Is it more sensitive and risky area? And I have fair Indian skin , is galvanic less risky to hyperpigmentation and scarring (or pitting). I have few more follow up questions. Any help would be would be great. Thank you!

Risk of complications has nothing to do with modality and everything to do with the skill of the practitioner.

Thank you for your reply. So these areas are not particularly sensitive or anything and should be fine if right electrologist treats them?

Cheek bones are not particularly sensitive if you find a professional electrologist who understands and follows the principles of performing electrology correctly. Get a couple short treatments and use your instincts. Electrolysis does not cause pitting when it is done correctly. Galvanic can be done incorrectly, as can thermolysis and the blend. It’s all about the energy applied by the human being.

I like using insulated probes on these areas, with lower intensity and longer timing. Also, applying refrigerated, cold-pressed aloe vera gel when the session is over is important for everyone, but it is especially beneficial for women and men of color.

Ohh okay. So the problem is electrolysis is not available in my country. I have to go to India to get treatment and flight tickets and travel cost can get expensive so testing on small areas first and checking results can be a bit of problem. The place I want to go is linked in this video and the problem I have is also same as the guy getting electrolysis done. Electrolysis fine hairs cheek man permanent painless removal - YouTube . Can you please check the video and see if what they are doing is correct( I know it’s difficult to analyse from the video) and they have good google reviews. Please, it would be a great help. I’ve been really insecured about it and have been wearing mask everywhere I go🥲