Electrolysis on bikini and legs

Hello all,

This is my first post on this forum and I wish to start by thanking everybody who participates here to educate us on this subject.

I have been a electrolysis patient for many years on/off, so far on my face/chin area.

I am now considering this procedure on my bikini/legs area. I live in Los Angeles, and found an electrologist who’s using multi-needle galvanic electrolysis, which utilizes 16 needles simultaneously. I have started treatment a few weeks ago, and I have a few questions that come to mind.

I am fairly hairy, due to heritage, and I know it’ll take time to clear up but I am not convinced the electrologist is the most performant. Reason I was attracted to her was the 16 needles and she is stating on her website it is “pain free” (which is false advertisement).

My first question is regarding the hair growth stage, she asks that I shave the area I want to be treated 4 days in advance so that she can catch a maximum of hair during their growth stage. I understand there is a best time for the treatment to work as its best, however, I believe I read in some posts of different time to shave (all depending of the area treated). I am a little confused on how to optimize my treatments, as this can get very expensive at $85/hour. I have already spent at least $1700 for only the bikini and half thighs. I do 4 hours treatment at a time, and the average hair treated is approximatively 740 for the total of 4 hours. Is this a fair amount of hair treated?

My second question is the after treatment, is it “normal” to have scabs on the area treatment for several days afterwards? I asked her and she said it is normal and there will be no scaring.

My third question is regarding the electrologist herself, she is a very nice lady, no question about it, but not sure about her “professionalism” and how optimally she works. Any recommendations of efficient electrologist in the Los Angeles area that I could try and compare?

My fourth question is regarding the method itself, what would be the best to use on legs: galvanic, blend or thermolysis?

Again, thank you for your help.

Galvanic electrolysis is very, very slow and there’s really no reason to have it over thermolysis, especially on non-facial areas. A good technician using thermolysis can sometimes remove from 8-10 hairs a minute which means you would have many, many more hairs permanently removed per session. It used to be believed that one must shave the hairs ahead of time to catch them in anagen, but some of the electrologists on this board have proven that hairs can be permanently removed during any stage of their growth cycle and that shaving can actually slow things down.

I am not an electrologist so my advice should not be taken as the end-all, be all. Having said that, if I were you I would find someone who uses either straight thermolysis or blend, as both of those are much, much faster and work just as well.