electrolysis on arms-help!

Hi- I recently invested 5 hours of electrolysis on my arms. To make it easier for the electrologist, I shaved my arms before (my hair is very thick and it would have taken her longer to find the root if I had not shaved).
Now, 2 weeks later, I am findingthat those hairs I shaved are growing back at a SNAILS PACE! My whole life, I had the problem of hair growing too quickly, and now it just won’t grow past stubble. It looks and feels awful. Any ideas why this is? Any timeline for when I’ll have my regular length back?
Also- any time line for when little bumps will go away?
Thank you!

These are hairs that were not actively growing at the time they were shaved. They are in the shedding phase. Until a large area such as this is shaved, we don’t notice how many hairs aren’t actually growing.

Thanks for the response.
Hmmm . . . I guess this means that I will probably be looking at another 5 hours on the electrologists’s table.
I had planned for 20 hours on the arm- sounds like enough?

Hi Nancy,
I’m assuming those little bumps are ingrown hairs. Try a product called Tend Skin- it’s a sloughing agent, so it helps the little ingrowns grow out. I use it on my underarms after shaving to prevent ingrowns. There is a recipe for home made tend skin somewhere on this site involving asprin and alcohol. If you do a search you will find that recipe and other information on Tend Skin and how it works.
good luck with everything!