Electrolysis & Old Man's Eyebrows?

Hi Folks,

I have a question; Is Electrolysis a valid treatment strategy for dealing with Old Man’s Eyebrows?

Rogue Hairs have been appearing in my eyebrows for a number of years. They are longer than the other brow hairs and seem to be of a different consistency to the normal hairs. Someone described them as “crinklecut”.

They aren’t quite this bad but I think you can get the idea on the direction they are heading in.

So could electrolysis be used to deal with this problem or are all of the hairs within my eyebrows destined to go rogue?

I did a search for previous posts on the subject and all I could find was this from depilacionelectr (Josefa Macias Reina); “some hair in your eyebrows will acquire extraordinary dimensions, and the hair inside your nostrils, but this is not a consequence of the shaved. It is the implacable passage of time”. Posted on 05/02/11.

Any advice on the matter from the Professional Electrologists, who generously post here on HT, would be appreciated.


Yep, I’m “going rogue” too (um, well, not like Sarah Palin … but my eyebrows). Here’s the problem: eventually all of the hairs are going to achieve this long look, so simply removing the “long ones” is sort of useless. Eventually, you would have to remove all of them!

Yeah, bushy eyebrows, nose hairs, ear hairs and a bald head: Just beeeaaautiful!

Just trim 'em!

An acceptable shape could be created using electrolysis, alongside trimming to maintain the outline?


OK, so the eyebrows are doomed. Their migration to Roguesville is inevitable. You see trimming them as the only realistic option.

You mention “Ear Beards” and I think that I already have those rogues under control. There are just a few stragglers left to deal with and they should hopefully give up with another clearance or two.

You also mention nostril hair. The videos posted on Youtube by Josefa Macias Reina of her removing hair from this area, led me to believe that electrolysis would be the route to take with these rogues. Finding an electrologist willing to treat an area that close to a mucous membrane is proving difficult.

Are they right to be this cautious?


I am generally happy with the shape of my eyebrows. I have always felt lucky to have avoided the misery of the unibrow. Now the rogues are sprouting randomly within what are naturally OK eyebrows and I assumed that permanently removing the mutants would solve the problem.

Can you expand on your post?

Thank you both for your responses.


If we had a quality picture of your problem, we could hone in on a more specific solution for you in particular.

If I am imagining a few rogue hairs, it would be okay to isolate those hairs and remove them permanently with electrolysis. If your whole brow is a wirey mess, then using a combination of trimming most of the hairs would be best and maybe getting a few of the worse offenders with electrolysis, would be a good plan.

For any eyebrow, the preciseness of electrolysis is unbeatable. We have acute control of what goes and what stays. I always put a mirror in the hand of my client so we can work together on deciding what goes and what stays. I am always amazed by what bothers the client and doesn’t bother me… Eyebrows are an area that can change a persons look from soft and kind to bleak and sinister if they are not shaped correctly, so be careful ALL!

What I mean is, (if Michael is right and these are all going to become rogues) the shape of the eyebrow as defined by the hairs around the edges - kill these!- and the outline as defined by the ‘rogues’ that grow long and overtake the edge and straggle over the edges-trim these!
No harm in also going direct for the rogues though- when you can find them!