Electrolysis NYC update

This past Tuesday I saw Arlene Batz becaue of a recommendation on this site. I had previously seen Maria Vega the week prior because of a recommendation on this site as well. I just wanted to say that my two experiences (actual treatment and healing) were totally different. As I stated in an earlier post I booked a consultation with Maria Vega and she rushed me in and out, did not give me any kind of formal consultation and charged me $45 for a 20 minute session. It seemed like she worked on me for like 1o minutes though. She went to town on my face and I woke up the next day with a lot of swelling. The swelling turned into whiteheads, purple splotches and eventually scabs. I do have extremely senwsitive skin so I figured this was just the way my skin was reacting. The scabbing and bruising went away in a week but I was looking to try someone else as i did not feel comfortable with the treatment I received from Maria. My experience with Arlene Batz in Queens was the exact opposite. She offered to me a free consultation with a 15 minute treatment for $10. She wound up spending about a hour and a half with me explaining everything I needed to know about Electrolysis and then some. I defintely got the sense that this is more than just a job for her. She is really on top of what is going on and has a lot of documentation to prove it. After the consultation she performed the treatment which was totally different that my previous treatment. It felt less harsh, there was less pain and I felt less “plucking”. I actually felt no plucking with Arlene but a ton with Maria. She was a bit slower than Maria but it was my face we were working on so I think in the long run that was better. I feel that way because of what I have experienced sice my treatment. No swelling, no purple spots at all, no scabbing at all and a couple (maybe 4) whiteheads. It felt less forced when Arlene did it. When Maria worked on me she worked fast and it felt like she was fighting to get the hairs out. I felt a lot pf plucking. If you do not have sensitive skin maybe this way of working is fine for you but for me it was not. I hate to name names but I have to say this is the only way for people to know who to go to. I know noone who does electrolysis (or so they say) so I relied on the internet for a referral. So, though I feel a bit bad for trashing Maria Vega I feel like I need to tell the truth about my experience to help others. I am sure others have used her and things turned out differently but for me it was a bad experience all around. The only bad thing about Arlene is that she is way far out in Queens but I will be using her again as long as my schedule permits. I highly recommend her.

oh crap, i better book my next 100 hours with Arlene ASAP. (lol) <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

I’m glad you had a chance to have Arlene treat you.

You’re absolutely right that she works at a more deliberate pace than others, as she is one of the most “anal” obsessive compulsive THOROUGH electrologists I have ever met. She is the Terminator of uwanted hair follicles.

If there’s a hair in Arlene’s crosshairs, it’s gonna die. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/shocked.gif" alt="" />

Thank you for trusting me with your very sensitive unwanted hair issues. I am totally committed.