electrolysis-new to it

This web site has been a saviour for me. I am asian with olive skin and dark black hair. I have tried alot of methods of hair removal from waxing to the tweezer method. About six months ago i had soft light laser all over my face. This made the hair growth in some areas appear darker and has even given me fine hairs on my neck which i did not have before! I have been going for electrolysis for about six months now on my lip and chin. I have just starated the sides of my face. There has been a significant improvement. My electrologist has 10 years experience and uses short wave. I go for an hour and a half once a week. Can very fine hair be treated with electrolyisis? I have bleached them? Can they be treated whilst they are bleached and how long does bleach take to come off? Please help as i want them treated? My electrolgist has also said that they will not treat very fine hairs? Is she right? please help.
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Your electrologist can only treat what she or he can see. This is why I suggest better visual aids than is typical in the average electrologist’s office, but don’t get me started!

Bleached hair may be treated, again, assuming your electrologist can see it well enough to do a proper insertion. There is no waiting time that I know of that you would have to wait for electrology after having bleached the hair. The bigger question is can your practitioner see the hair, and can she or he make an insertion in the follicle without poking around guesstimating at where the opening is.

I’m glad the site has been helpful, and James beat me to the punch on the same reply I’d give!