Electrolysis - never worry again?

First of all I’d like to thank Andrea for creating this forum, the amount of information here is invaluable, thank you so much.

My name is Jeff and I am 19 years old with a problem of excess body hair. Hair has been devastating my life since the age of 15, it has spread all over my body, and I want to put an end to it once and for all. With accurate electrolysis treatment, is it really possible to get rid of hair forever? I want hair removed from my legs, butt, arms, and the entire torso. I have a pale skin and dark hair so I guess I am a good candidate for treatment. I am hoping to join the military soon and I just can’t be having problem like this, I can’t worry about hair growing back in the middle of the deployment so that I can look like a freak to everybody. I am ready to sacrifice time and money for lifetime results only if they really are for lifetime. Is there hope for me? Thank you.

Electrolysis offers a lifetime of results, however, the fastest completion time possible is 9 months. I don’t know that you have time to get full final clearance in the time you have prior to deployment.

You will need to put a priority on what you really want gone now, and what you can stand to wait until later to do.

Please read our sister site www.HairFacts.com in addition to reading up all you can on this site.


Thank you very much for a speedy reply and I apologize for not reading a bit more before posting. I answered my own questions just by browsing around. I have not enlisted yet, I need to get this done before I do though.

hi, jeffrey, just wanted to let you know i just finished 5 years in the army including a deployment overseas. i am a woman and i have excess facial and body hair so i just started electrolysis this year. before that i always shaved or plucked (like my upper lip and chin and stuff). what i wanted to tell you is, in boot camp, no one is looking at your body. on deployment, the LAST thing people are worried about is what you look like. you’ll be in the desert, living in tents, sweating, etc. everyone is too tired and hungry in boot camp to care about what everybody else looks like in the shower. in addition, men REALLY don’t care as far as judging each other regarding body hair from what i’ve seen. if anything, it will probably make you look more manly <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />
don’t worry so much about it and don’t let it hold you back from doing what you want to do. i didn’t let it hold me back even though i was VERY worried about it bcs it is NOT NORMAL for a woman to be covered with hair whereas it’s mostly okay for a man. anyways, don’t let that stop you, the military was the best experience of my life so i’m glad my self-consciousness didn’t hold me back.

Take what Jessie says to heart.

Also, since you are not enlisted yet, you can set your priorities and get this done and finished before you go in. Many military persons get their faces done so they can have no worries about shaving, infection, and ingrown hairs prior to service. Shaving with local water was one of the reason’s Bob Hope had it done.


Thank you for your post, I admire your courage for what you did. However, military isn’t the only reason I want to do this, as you know excess body hair isn’t very popular these days when you go to the beach, and my hairy shoulders don’t look very well when I’m wearing tank top (that’s why I’m not wearing tank tops). I want to do this for myself so I can feel comfortable with myself, and it’s important to me to do it as early in my life as I can. My goal isn’t necessarily to clear my body so there is not a single hair left, I am fine with some hair, but some of it that I got where it shouldn’t be is just ridicilious. James, is it possible for an electrologist to make me look a bit more unhairy but natural by not exactly totally removing hair from let’s say thighs or forearms, but weaking them a bit so they’re more fair and shorter in length? Is that possible, or is it that on’ce the hair is zapped, that’s it, it’s gone forever?

You could either get it thinned out, and electrolysis is perfect for selectively removing hair.

One could also have a low treatment setting to make each hair thinner, but that is not a common thing to have done.

If you can find a good electrologsit, you would want to do the hard to shave hairs, and then move to the most noticeable problem areas.

You can do this if you put a priority on it.