Electrolysis needed!!

Hi all, a little about myself so far I have had 5 sessions of electrolysis. My lady uses a sterex electrolysis machine, which seems pretty dated. So far I have seen results. Prior to my treatment I had very thick facial hair, however after 4 sessions my hair has thinned out. I am getting my lower chin, lower sides and a few hairs on my chin treated. However I am looking at now getting treated with an apulis machine with a skilled electrolysis. As of now I attend every week for 2 hours however never achieve full clearance.

Thus I was hoping people can help me with any suggestions of skilled electrolysis you would recommend. I am based in the West Midlands area of the UK. I don’t mind travelling, however if there are any people more local please do mention them. But if someone is worth travelling I don’t mind. I look forward to hearing your recommendations, as my facial hair is something I can no longer tolerate and I am avoiding most social situations due to it. :frowning:

Have u tried the ladies who are biae registered in your area? Sally in Leamington has an apilus

There is another in cov but don’t know what machine she has

Good luck

Thanks flowers136 I will call up sally on Monday, but would love to hear personal experiences. Do you know the ladies name in cov, I could try ringing her on Monday to enquire.

Oops sorry this lady is also in leamington, not in Coventry

I’ll let you know if I hear of anything

Do you get a lot of scabbing with your electro?

Thanks flowers 136, btw have you heard of Sheila Godfrey based in Solihull? Yes I scab lots and lots, but saying that my skin is uber sensitive and my sessions are for 2 hours every week. However my scabs fall off after a couple of days leaving no permanent damage.


Hi haylo,

First off, let’s just have a look at where you are right now. As I understand, you’ve had 5 weeks of electrolysis, with 2 hour sessions each week, totalling 10 hours. Now, that is quite a lot of electrolysis and the fact that the area is not yet cleared implies to me that either there is a lot of hair in the area/large area, or the electrologist is not working very fast (let me guess, about 3 to 5 hairs/min?), or a combination of both. There is nothing wrong with a Sterex machine but the Apilus electrologist may work faster. What is more important though, is which electrologist is actually killing follicles and that doesn’t depend on machine type.

It is difficult to advise you on what to expect without full and complete information on what sort of hair you are attempting to permanently remove, what you did to the hair prior to starting electrolysis, and information on how your electrologist is working.

Unless you are very fortunate, you will need to research and educate yourself about the electrolysis process. You should have some understanding of hair growth cycles and how electrolysis is performed to destroy follicles and what to look for in treatment - this will help you in selecting the right electrologist. Lots of people make the mistake of thinking they have a good electrologist but for the wrong reasons e.g. “I hardly get any reaction”, when in reality they have found someone who is not killing follicles (hence the lack of reaction) and then find hardly any progress is made after a year of regular sessions. The best way to do this is start reading through all the threads in the Professional Electrolysis forum reading back from today. In the discussions, you will find lots of questions and answers which will enlighten you on the relevant issues.

Personally, I think having a test patch done with any electrologist you are considering working with is the best way to proceed. Putting everything else aside, it will save you a lot of time and money if you establish whose treatment is actually killing follicles. I will link to a post about this below…

End of this post mentions how to go about a test patch:

Another post that might be helpful:

I would say that for most of these posts, you will need to understand hair growth cycles to fully appreciate what is being said.

Thanks for the reply stoppit&tidyup. This website has been a great help, over the last week I have read various posts so I have started familiarising myself with the process. And have understood that new growth often emerges. however my worry is, how do you know if its actually new growth or still the same growth from the same follicle that an electrolysis has not been killing.

So today has been rather productive. I got in contact with Sheila Godfrey, as I found she has written a book, so sounded quire promising. However she is fully booked. She then gave me the number of Penny who is also biae registered since 1975, and uses a aplius senior 11 like Sheila, using microflash setting. (Sheila also goes to her, as she has been trained by Sheila) I got in contact with Penny and she seems wonderful very caring and understanding. I explained I have already had 10 hours worth of treatment and have seen little difference. She said by now I should see some type of reduction! So I have booked in a consultation/treatment on the 30th at £45 ph. What do you think?

Right now my lady takes 2 hour on the face with a sterex machine and still can not get full clearance. But Penny reassured me that an hour should be enough time, as she feels she works rather fast.

I also got in contact with Stephanie from Dorking (read pokkas journey) the work she did on pokka was amazing. However Stephanie is rather far. I have booked in to see her on the 22nd Jan, as I will be around London/surrey to visit family, however I don’t think I will be able to commit to regular visits, especially if they will be at a weekly timescale, however Stephanie did say I may only have to come in every 2 weeks. Thus I am hoping penny is good, it will be more beneficial.

Also just to make you aware, I have had 8 sessions of laser hair removal, which I know most definitely induced hair! I then stopped as I was not getting any results, and also went on to acutance. Whilst on the medication I was threading the hair and since then it has been very course. I waited for 9 months to go by since finishing acutance and started the electrolysis. Although I have seen little reduction, the electrolysis as of now has managed to thin the hairs, as they are slightly more finer.