Electrolysis, need help....

Hi, I am 18 years old . Two years ago I had gained weight and due to that had irregular periods. Then my gyno give me birth control pills for 6 months. My period was regular. I started have excessive amount of hair on face and hair getting thicker on my body as well. I started going for face wax. Now I have lost lots of weight this year, changed my diet, I eat lots of vegetables n fruits I exrcise. My tests were done for hormonol imbalance, but they were ok I didn thave any imbalance. Though I do feel because of fat cells and steriods in body, I got facial hair. I was going to go last week with my aunt to an electrologist for consultation. Well when my aunt came over she had little scars on her face. She said she has been going to this electrologist for 6 months now and and very light hair on happer lips and chin, and her electrologist said these scars and little burns will go away, but its been 6 months you know. Then at time my cousin is over from Pakistan and has also done electrolysis on womens face. And he said you should not have this type of scarring. Well this electrologist I was going to go to has been in this profession for 20 years now. I had my hopes high for her because I have gone to my dermatologist and he does tweezer electrolysis which I have heard doesnt works. I am really upset, because its just being hard for me fining right electrologist and plus I am so young I do not want any time of scarring on my face whatsoever. I have mild acne, you know that when person gets a pimple or two it likes a scar , thats enough scars to deal with on face, not burns due to electrolysis. My aunt has little scars as if her pores have been stretched out and pooked needles in them tooo much. I am of asian descent. Like I have olive complexion or little lighter than it. Hair on my side burns and under chin and on chin are thick and dark NOW. ON MY CHEEKS AND FACE THEY R BLACK BUT are still lighter than on my chin area. I live in North New Jersey. Close to New York City. You guy are professional, I need an electrologist who knows what he or she is doing, is NOT a salesperson, cares about his/her patient, and has good experience with people of my skin tone. I really do not want scarring on my face. I want to look beautiful. I have lost lots of weight, but the hair on my face its still there. I hate it. I cry, I hate myself Im depressed most of the time. Sometimes have people coming over my house and in school outside, I mean I feel embarassed when I hold conversation with other people and all my facial hair are not waxed. I want EFFECTIVE RESULTS, I can take the pain, I can be patient, but I want to see at least in the beginning initial resulats and NO scarring. So you guys give me advice and help find the RIGHT elecrologist. pleasee because I am tired of goign to the salon getting face waxed and looking ugly because of facial hair. God bless you bye.

I cant believe no expert has answered me.

People who may know are not waiting on this board every hour for questions like this… give it a few days… We all want answers and results straightaway, but sometimes we have to wait until others who have the answer log on and reply…

I am sure that needle electrolysis would work well for you, but the possibility of scarring etc is always there, - so much depends on the skill of the operator and the capability of the equipment that they use, as well as your contribution by eating healthy, staying well hydrated etc.

Good luck,


thanks man for the advice. I just didnt see the dates when the experts reply. Was little upset these days.