Electrolysis marathon session in Europe

Hi, i’m 21 typing from Italy. Since i was 17 I got start to notice this fine vellus growing on my shoulder and upper back and then started to do 755 laser with no results due to low setting I think. I had shedding process, free hairs skin but after 2 months they were all there (I did 6 session of 755 laser).
Now I started again this treatments but in another center where they use bigger spot size and higher fluences (first treatment 20mmx15j/cm2, and not less important honest price!
I’ve been roaming around for a good skilled electrologist here in my city but only find out who takes 100-120€ x hour and very slow treatment.
I’d like to know if in Europe there’s somebody who does marathon session. I’ve heard about Josefa Reina, I tried to contact her, to write her on her fb account but no replies yet.
If anybody knows a very good skilled eletrologist in Europe, please let me know.

Laser won’t work a fine hair, thus no results. In fact laser could stimulate more hair to grow on these vulnerable areas.

Yes, you want someone fast like Josefa, but I don’t think she is taking clients from internet sources like Hairtell anymore.

Would you consider flying to the UK?

I dont even know how much she is practising, she had mentioned she was retiring this year.That said , perhaps Beate or Adrien could help this person out?

Josepha uses a 3 clearance method for body areas, and having the opportunity recently to use this strategy for a GRS prep for a transguy on a body area, I’m super impressed with the effectiveness of timing sessions this way.The technique however is well documented by her and others, and there’s no reason another good electrologist couldnt work the same way ( and some already do).

Yes, i could - i am still doing long session, even prefer to do so. I am actually following a similar approach than Josefa.

Yes I can come in london or anywhere else in europe, for a vacation but I’m looking for someone who’s able to remove at least 5-10 hairs per minute.
That’s how my hairs look:

They are not very dense but there are also two little spot going down the back.
Which is the best period for electrolysis? I wish that I could find somebody who does full clearance, i can even do session x4-5 hours per 2 consecutive days (think that’s enough as first clearance)!
And I’d like to remove also vellus or dormant hairs that could one day become coarser.
I can move from mid of january becouse my last laser has been on 3 october, so I was thinking that 3 months and 15 day (example) can be reasonable time to let the hairs grow even if it will take 6 months to let the stunned hairs grow too, but in the next electrolysis treatments I’m sure they will be killed.
Can be upper arm be treated too while doing back treatments? I’m willing to have 4-5 hours per day for 4 consecutive days (maybe less time, it depends on how speed is the operator), to get a full clearance of these areas, but pricing to me is quite important but I want to really soend my money for real results, so please contact me if you can satisfy my requests.

Mairi Hawkes in Scotland does marathon sessions and can move quickly.

If there are any other electrologists that would like to offer their services here you can do so in the open forum or you can private message me and I will do it for you.