Electrolysis manufacturers

A.R. Hinkel
Electro-Blend Classic
Electro Blend UC-2
Electro Blend UC-3+

Alexander Thomas
Microprocessor controlled Multi-Needle Galvanic Epilator

Associated Electrolysis Group
Compact Model 360 Galvanic Epilator

Clareblend (Clare)
Nova2000 Multi-needle
Thermolysis Generator

Dectro International
Apilus Platinum
Apilus Platinum Pure
Apilus SX-500
Apilus Senior II
Apilus Junior Plus


Galvanic Medical Instruments
Guibor Microelectrolysis Unit 18

Gentronics (Multi-Channel)
Model MC160

Greenleaf-Carter Enterprises
Ease-Multi-Mode Epilator

IME Company
HR-5000 Electrosurgical device (Kobayashi-Yamada)

Elite Spectrum
Blendtone Royale
Elite Epilator
Blendtone Epilator
Shortwave Epilator
VP500 Epilator

Leo Unlimited
Epitron Super
Epilot 80 S

Lucy Peters International
LPS 33 Epilator
LPS 1118

Auto-Blend Epilator

EP 2000

R.A. Fischer
CB-X Compu-Blend
CB-XL Multi-Blend
SE-5 Pro-Blend Epilator
SE-4 Blend
TS-1 Pro-Therm

Multiple Needle Model EM-20
Blend Model EB-200 & ET-1

Sequentium VMC
Sequentium 128
Sequentium 328

Stoltronic Systems
Stoltronics LRS

Sofblend T~80

The Dectro listing should also include these models

SM-500 (the direct ancestor of the SX-500)
The Apilus Platinum (the current state of the art in electrolysis comfort, when in the right hands anyway)

The Silhouet-Tone listing should also include

The Silhouet-Tone VMC (Variable Modulated Current)
This is their current flagship machine, and is neck and neck with the Apilus SX-500 if the Apilus has “IMMPac” software.

I am looking to buy Fischer SE-4 Epilator blend machine, if anyone have or knows where I can get one please email me to: malaniles@gmail.com

Sorry if this is “No posts here” thread.

For nonprofessionals this list of products is just a names. Can be there some at least short review?

I am looking for professional machine for saloon. Fast and safe…

Which ones is good for this purpose?

The Apilus line is tops in my book - especially the Apilus Platinum and Pure. Great for salon use.

The Silhouette-Tone VMC model fabulous and very comfortable sensation-wise. A real workhorse like the Apilus products

Barbara attests to the Fischer and I believe her.

Other brands will do the job, and the skill and comfort of those using their particular brand do a great job as well. You are just starting out and you asked a good question and I gave you an honest opinion. Others who have used only one epilator for years and are happy and competent should continue to do so, but you are not in this catagory, so I would urge you to step into the 21st century and consider these products. You could start with a basic unit and work up to the top units after you have a solid business under way.

Others are welcome to advise you, but be sure and ask the question about whether they have used one of these top brands for more than a year and if they did, did they go back to their original epilator.

Wishing you good fortune, but do your research.

Thank You.

Hi all… I have been reading up on the Apilus Platinum and Pure and am not sure if I should pay the extra $$$ for the Platinum. Can anyone advise me on this? I believe having the right tools for the job is always best but I don’t know for sure if the extra bells & whistles is necessary. Unfortunately the distributor in my state is familiar with the PURE and less so with the Platinum. Also I would like to know how to be trained by Dectro directly. Is this a trip to Canada, our friends to the North? Or do they conduct workshops in the states? That’s probably wishful thinking. I’m very excited about the new 27Hz technology and am anxious to learn and get started on my clients! Any advances in comfort and faster clear up is always cause for celebration but proper training is essential. Thanks to anyone who can help me with experience with the Apilus machines.

You can get direct training in California and there are a few other places that are designated as Apilus Academies.

One can go with the PURE if one takes the software add-ons that make it equivalent to having a Platinum without the salon management software, and the receipt printer. Some clients and most practitioners appreciate being able to have a print out from the machine, while many salon owners appreciate the device controls available on the Platinum that allows one to regulate machine use, and sell clients treatment cards, that act like credit/debit cards and also the ability to have your associates “clock in” via punching in on the machine they are using.

When selecting a machine, look at the company, and their commitment to service and immediate attention to customer needs, as well as, of course, the machines available, and their comfort and power.

Instantron offers over a century of excellence and customer designed machines that completely serve all the needs of the professional electrologist. Hudredth/second timing, repeat pulsing, self seeking skin type for Blend, non-footswitch capability, up to 15 second timing for RF at very low levels, the list goes on. Cooling Airflo to reduce redness and any discomfort. Mahines sold worldwide with complete customer satisfaction.

No gimmicks, no fancy misleading ads, no made up terminologies or frequencies. Just a machine that will work for many years.

I see many Electrologists asking for assistance, here and on Facebook, with a certain manufacturer’s machine, and would like to let the industry know that Instantron Epilators are easy to set up, very fast in application, and have excellent results, comfort, and reliability. Any machine should be straight-forward in its design and use, and this is what Instantron has done for over a century.

I also want to let everyone know that we carry the Laurier Insulated Probes including the Kelly tip, which has a shorter non-insulated tip for shallow insertions, and also the standard Insulated Probes, as well as the non-insulated needles.

These needles are superior in design, offering a taper on the blade of the needle which gives it strength and flexibility.

Instantron offers very low pricing on all our equipment and supplies, and I invite your calls for free samples if the Laurier Insulated Probes. 800-886-6141

Instantron also offers my favorite forceps/tweezers, the Dumont Diamond Tip, that allow one to get a better grip with less pressure exerted. It makes a difference over the course of a long day.

Its about time I gave them a call for my next set of hair grabbers. :smiley:

Hi everybody! I’m planning to become an electrologist. Looking for a good machine to practice. Kind of like the Fischer sb-x compublend model, but not sure if it has the Galvanic modality. They say it has aThermolysis, Electrolysis, Flash and The Blend, does ELECTROLYSIS mean Galvanic? Want to have all modalities to learn. Thank you :wink:

If somebody is interested there is an electrolysis set up for sell in KIJIJI: