Electrolysis Machine's

Some Machines are better than others, I am connected to a NHS hospital in the uk carryingout eletrolysis for patients. Our safety policy requires that all electrical equipment is tested. We purchased a new electrolysis machine from Clarol Ltd, Cost £535.00 the hospital electronics engineer found that, if used patients would be subjected to Mains voltages (240Vac) over the first 25mS. Of course this would cause considerable pain and discomfort;We returned the machine and our legal team secured a refund.
The Machine of Choice
Sterex Nearly no pain in the right hands, Use insulated gold cored needles. no epidemal damage.
I have also Used this method on my self so I should know.

I tell people all the time that the machine used makes a lot of difference, but many don’t want to believe that.

Yes, practitioner skill is still the biggest variable, but better machines give the practitioner more control, and more treatment options.

James W. Walker VII, CPE – Buffalo NY

I was taught on a sterex machine and then purchased an elimed machine for at home I could not believe the difference in pain and marking after treatments, have now returned machine and purchased a sterex machine which have been very happy with

If you upgraded to the Silhouet-Tone VMC, or the Apilus SX-500, you would find yet another leap in comfort factor. I am told that they convert to English Current well as well.

Where does Silhouet-Tone’s Sequentium 328 rank in machines?

faded, the Sequentium is a good thermolysis device. It’s doesn’t have capabilities for galvanic or blend though, as I understand it.

I just purchases a used Sequentium 128 for 1/3 the retail price and I have to say it is very nice comfort-wise.
I’ve been working on my pubic region and can easily tolerate the minimal sting it gives even on higher settings for coarse hairs.
It is strictly thermolysis though so take that into consideration.


Hi Jazz,
I’m from the UK too, I didn’t know you could get Electrolysis done on the NHS! The people that are treated on the NHS, are they patients with health related hairs (i.e. PCOS)? A Dr wouldn’t refer anyone for purely cosmetic reasons, would they? I’m not sure that your the correct person to ask, but thought I would anyway.