electrolysis machine with a pedal?

a friend of mine recommended a good electroligist. i called her just, but she is said that she is using electrolysis (galvanic) and a kind of machine with a pedal to determine the intensity and time needed to treat the hair. never heard of that before. any recommendations?

that just means that she has an older model machine (like most peolpe) with a pedal. and she DOES have to determine her working point in the beginning of each patch of different hair on you so that she knows what power to treat you with.

the only thing to ask her is if she ONLY uses the galvanic method, or if she does thermolysis and the blend as well. you want to make sure that she is good at all 3 b/c galvanic will take FOR EVER.

Just because the machine has a pedal does not mean that it is an “older model” Most of the new machines have pedals as well as the option to “auto sense”. You do have every right to ask the electrologist how old their equipment is and how often they have it serviced.