This is a used electrolysis machine in excellent condition.
It was used for thermolysis only, so blend cords and roller are brand new.
Has pre-programmed flash and blend modes, and cataphoresis and anaphoresis modes.
Includes foot pedal, needle cord holder, red and black cords, and instruction manual.


I would like to post a picture of this epilator but I do not know how to do that…sorry. (see post above)

It is an older type model, but certainly enough for a home user. If your professional had one, I would say that it would limit the possibiliies that a fantastic practitioner could achieve with better equipment.

Hopefully that link works to see pics.

This is a great machine. It is a bit older, but my clients noticed a huge difference in tolerance level with this machine when I introduced it in my office. Very comfortable, and it equaled more treatment from clients!

Oh, yes. This is familiar to me when I was receiving electrolysis as a client. It is a very nice epilator. Very solid, too. Silhouet-Tone makes great epilators. The Sil-Tone VMC model is their top of the line offering. The asking price is good. Has it been calibrated at all. Does Sil-Tone still offer support for this epilator? I assume they do.