I have an Apilus Senior with all the bells and whistles that I want to sell. I am from Ontario, Canada. My asking price is $1500. If anyone is interested please let me know. I am a friend of James Walker, if you know him he is a very active member on this website, and you can feel free to ask him any questions you may have pertaining to electrolysis. He’s very nice and helpful. He is actually helping me out in selling the machine aswell. So I hope that I will get a response to this ad. Thanks~!

Dang, I really kind of want to buy this. Haha. I can’t, but it’s tempting. Good luck!

Is it an original Apilus Senior model, or a Senior II?

No I believe it’s the original one, not Senior 2. I bought it a couple of months ago thinking that I could work on myself, but the areas I want to get done, I cannot reach them and I tried to get someone to help me out…but so far I haven’t found anyone. I am a university student and to be honest I don’t have the time for it. It’s a lot harder than I thought. It requires skill, time and patience. which I don’t have…lol

But anyway, I wish I could make the time for it and learn it professionally. But my priority right now is school. The machine is in excellent condition and it comes with everything needed. Someone actually offered me $1200 for it, but I refused. Because I know this machine is definitely worth more. So the absolute lowest I can accept is $1500. No bargains please :slight_smile: !

Oh my Gosh, I can’t believe no one is interested in the electrolysis machine lol. Come on guys, it’s a great machine if you know how to work it. This is the exact same machine my electrologist lady uses on me and she has over 30 years of experience. So I know she’d be using the best, that’s why I got it!!

It is a very, very nice machine (I have the next model up in the original JR/SR/SM series, though offhand I believe the senior does almost everything the SM does.)

$1500 is quite a bit for a home user, but a graduating electrology student might jump at it (maybe James has a way for you to get in touch with some schools?)

If you are absolutely stuck, you might be able to find a DIYer like me who can do work on you in exchange for the machine.

How about those interested in owning their own machine chime in and offer up what they actually would be willing to pay for an Apilus Senior ONE, and Zala can decide how she feels about the information given.

Vicky, I wish you were in Canada. I would have accepted treatments in exchange for the machine. But where I live, it’s a small town and not too many electrologists around. And everyone goes to the same lady I go to, because she has I believe 35 years of experience and she is the only one in the area who utilizes computerized microscopic technology.

James I appreciate your help :slight_smile:

I would but (1) I’m in the UK and (2) I can’t afford anywhere near what this machine is probably worth.

Zala, have you tried putting it on ebay?

No I haven’t tried ebay. Do I have to pay to put an ad on there?

It’s not an ad. You put your item up for either auction or a fixed price listing. For something like this fixed price with the addition of allowing people to submit offers) is the best option.

You will need to pay to ‘insert’ your listing. Insertion fee depends on a few things such as the category and price you are ‘inserting’ it for.

However, you will need to pay a final value fee to ebay if the item sells, and also possibly a fee to PayPal for the transaction.

If you think students are looking to buy something like the Apilus Senior, I think it would be worth trying.
In the UK, there is really only one type of machine widely available - the Sterex ones. There are always listing for them on Ebay and the used ones always sell (as I have been looking to buy one).

You pay ebay for the listing, you pay Ebay for the pictures, and then you pay ebay again a percentage of the final sale fee.

If the thing doesn’t sell, you still have paid.

If the thing ends with a winning bidder, but that bidder doesn’t pay, you still have to pay to relist the thing, and that is after you have already paid for the first ad.

At least Craigslist and such are free.

I know the school I get my electrolysis done at encourages students to use the Apilus Platinum, and sells them at a discount to graduating students, but maybe some students there would be interested in this similar, much less expensive machine to start their business with. I hear a few are graduating in the next few months.

Next time I speak with the electrologist who runs the school, I will let her know about your machine to see if her students might be interested (that is, if James hasn’t already asked around).

Is it feasible for someone in California to buy a machine from Canada? Can they be shipped?

Absolutely. I bought my machine from a salon in Quebec (or at least they were a company in Quebec who bought out the salon.) I didn’t have to pay any customs or tax on it, though for something over $1000 I can’t say for sure (mine was $500, the bargain of the century.)

Thanks guys, I really appreciate your responses. I am really not familiar with ebay, so I am not going to try there. But I did post up an ad on kijiji. But so far no luck :(.

MagicalPrincessKitty, please let me know if you find anyone who is interested in my machine. Thanks.

James you’re a darling!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

What are the differences between the senior II and the original? I’m curious what it looks like… could you post a link to the picture by chance?

You don’t have to be familiar with eBay to use it. You find the machine you want to buy, read all fine print as you would do for any purchase, check that the seller’s feedback is good, and bid the highest price you’re willing to pay as close to the end of the auction as possible. (You can also use a site like www.vrane.com and they will bid your highest price at the last 10 seconds before the auction ends).

This is not my ad. but you asked for a picture and this is what the machine I have looks like.

WoW, you posted this link on the site, and it sold in 48 hours. I am impressed.