electrolysis, laser and dianette

hello. i have a few questions. about a year ago, i started taking dianette to reduce the hairgrowth on my chin and neck. my hormone levels are fine, but the doctor suspected that my body may be extra sensitive to them. since then, i’ve had 5 lightsheer treatments, which reduced the hair by a good 80%. for the first time in many years, i could go outside without having to shave or tweeze. what remained was pretty light, and i’ve switched to electrolysis to finish the job. i’ve had around 10 treatments so far, spaced 2-3 weeks apart. things are looking good. overall, i’m very happy with the results.

now here’s the problem: what happens when i go off dianette? i’m going to have to at some point. the doctor says that i cannot stay on it long term. plus, i want to have kids in a few years’ time. what will happen then? will the hair that’s been surpressed by the pills start growing? or have the pills only slowed down the rate of growth? is it possible to permanently clear the area with electrolysis for a lifetime? or are these so many hair folicles that i will have to keep going back for more treatments for years, just spaced further apart.

has anyone had any experienc with this?


Hey there
I’m on Dianette for the same reasons too, infact I’ve just been to the docs to get more <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />
He said I should only go on it for 2-3 years, as its one of the strongest types of pill. He also said I could go on a lighter pill when I eventually come off it.
I’ve been on it for just under a year, and haven’t noticed a reduction in the hair, just a lightening in its texture (which is better that nothing!)
So, whe you come off it, it might just be that it gets a little ‘heavier’ looking, but the ones that you’ve eliminated completely through electrolysis should not come back.