Electrolysis in Toronto

Hi there,

I’ve had stubborn hair growing on my chin and front of my neck for years now. I got myself checked out, and my hormone levels are fine, so it’s just the luck of genetics. My chin has had courser hair, my neck is a little softer but there’s still a lot that makes it visible. My upper lip’s hair is soft but darker. My dermatologist recommended laser hair removal, and I had three sessions, which I think reduced it a bit. But the problem is a lot of hair that’s left is light brown/blond, so the laser can’t target it.

Now I’m looking into electrolysis, although my dermatologist doesn’t seem too keen on it. She said she’s seen lots of examples of scarring patients, and she couldn’t recommend any particular places to get it done in Toronto.

So I’m wondering if anyone has had any good experiences at places in Toronto? I’m on a pretty tight budget, which doesn’t help, but I just want to be rid of this hair. I’m sick of feeling “stubble” on my chin.

(I’ve been trimming the hairs very closely since July, but before that I plucked my chin and neck like crazy.)

If anyone has any recommendations for getting electrolysis in Toronto, I’d appreciate it.

Also, I’m a little worried about after-effects. With laser treatment, my face would be red for about a half hour, then was fine. Will I bleed or anything with electrolysis? Or does it just irritate your skin like laser? And are there any questions I should ask a place to make sure it’s good?


Hi TurquoiseBlue

There is Caruso International School of Electrolysis in Scarborough, run by Lucy Caruso (416)282-0736. Lucy has been in the electrolysis field for over thirty years with along with her teaching experience. I was personally trained by Lucy and feel that I had the best electrolysis training available. I have been practicing since 2008 and have many very satisfied clients.

Your dermatologist is not likely well informed about electrolysis, this is likely why she is reluctant to recommend it.

In my practice I refuse to treat facial hair with laser for the following reasons: it can cause pigment disturbances, it can promote more hair growth and female facial hair tends to be too fine for laser to be effective.

With laser hair removal there are a number of variables, skin color, hair color, etc, that play into the effectiveness of the treatment, I personally do not believe the possible side effects are worth risking the treatment. I see many women who have had laser hair removal who have not had good results, there may be some success stories, but I am not seeing them!

If electrolysis is done correctly there will be no bleeding or scarring.

Just want to add that I agree about the scarring, but I have in fact had some bleeding (namely on hairs that are deep and I believe are considered “ingrown hairs”), and am having very good results. I wouldn’t necessarily rule some bleeding to be a sign of poor treatment.

There’s a poster on this forum i_love_pink. If I remember well I think she had great things to say about an electrologist named Sarah Shrigley. For every 100 hair she treats once, >90 don’t return. And that’s the kind of work the pros on this forum recommend. You should definitely give her a try, I think, although I don’t have personal experience.


Thank you for bringing the point regarding bleeding to light. I should qualify my comment about bleeding, there should be no significant bleeding, occasionally there may be a small amount of blood for the reasons Brenton indicated.

For anyone living a little bit North of Toronto, I’d strongly recommend Precision Electrolysis by Cheryl.

I am a 58 year old woman with extremely sensitive skin. I was initially hesitant to undergo electrolysis as I was fearful that it would damage my complexion. I also understood that laser treatments could pose a risk for someone with my skin type.

I have been a client of Cheryl for several years now. I trust her completely. From the outset I was impressed with her professionalism, her precise and careful technique and her responsible use of sterile instruments. I have been more than satisfied with the effectiveness of her electrolysis treatment. I truly appreciate Cheryl’s personal care and attention and much prefer her private practice to the inconsistency of services provided in spas, clinics and salons.

This is her website. I could not recommend her enough.