Electrolysis in Toronto/Mississauga Area

I’m looking for anyone who can refer me to someone in the toronto, mississauga, ontario area. I’m thinking about treating my back and am leaning towards laser to begin with because I have black hair and then eventually moving to electrolysis. Any tips or referrals would be greatly appreciated. Also if anyone knows of any other helpful websites please let me know. I’m a newbie in all this. Thank You

I’d give consideration to these guys:

Meharg International School of Electrolysis
188 Birkdale Road
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M1P 3S1
(416) 750-9001
Toll Free: (800) 897-6560 (Canada Only) e-mail: info@mehargelectrolysis.com


Could you please help me. I am female with dark corse hair on my chin and upper lip. I tried laser, but suffered from blisters, and worse there was no reduction in hair growth. Is electrolysis a more permanent method than laser. If so could you please refer a few good electrologists in Toronto/Mississauga area. Iwould like to have names of more than one.


These names are not recommendations, but suggestions for further research. I know nothing about their practices or abilities.

Advanced Comfort Electrolysis
Tel: (416) 724 - 7512

Pure Laser (offers electrolysis)
1920 Young St., Suite 105
At Davisville
Toronto, Ontario M4S 1Z3
Our phone number is 416.487.7848
Our fax number is 416.487.9060

Accent Electrolysis Clinic Inc.
4141 Dixie Rd., Lower Level
Rockwood Mall
Mississauga, ON L4W 1V5
Phone: (905)625-9566
Email: careerataccent@hotmail.com

Gina’s School of Aesthetics and Electrolysis
Address: 3045 Southcreek Rd., Unit 7
Mississauga, Ontario
L4X 2X6
Phone: (905) 602-8891
Fax: (905) 602-7689
Email: ginas@sgci.com
Website http://www.ginaschool.com

d3 Electrology 2000

I can really officially recommending Lucy Desrochers (pronounced Day-Row-Shay) as a good electrologist. I have actually had her perform electrolysis on my own face, and I can vouch for her good technique. She has offices in both Hamilton and Tornonto.

One of the rare times I get to post here as a consumer instead of as an electrologist.

The Tornoto office is located in the “Beaches” area on Queen street.
Lucy Desrochers
2181 Queen Street East Suit # 304
Toronto Ontario M4E 3E5

Just make sure to request ELECTROLYSIS only. Like many Canadian practitioners, she offers Laser in addition to electrolysis because for what ever reason, the average consumer in that market seems to think that if you don’t do both, you are not a competent practitioner.

Get the best from the very beginning and do it right the first time, with no unneeded exposure to side effects.

But that is just one guy’s opinion.

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Hi Dave4:

If you have not been successful with an
Toronto electrologist, You might want to
call me at (416) 694-5917 Toronto Beaches’
If you wish to see my profile:
my website is: www.laser-hairremoval.ca

My office is open: Monday-Wednesday-Saturday
evening appointments are available.

It is my understanding that Lucy is not taking new electrology clients.

If anyone has recommendations for the Toronto and Hamilton area, please let us know.