Electrolysis in the UK

Hi, i have been researching for months trying to find an electrolysis in the UK around Manchester. I have checked for BIAE qualified electrolysis but i cant seem to find any reviews on any of the proffessionals. It is a risk that if i begin, i will waste my time and money with no real results… I would be greatful for anyones opinions/views on electrolysis and how perminant it actually is.

Many thanks

Hi, before beginning long sessions of electrolysis you could do a simple test.
You ask to remove hair in a patch zone in the arm for exemple, where hair would not be waxed or shaved 5 to 6 mouths before. (Virgin area)

After this test session you will wait 6 to 8 weeks. You should notice at least 70% of hair reduction and no scarring at all.

Hi Manchester16,

I’ve been going to an electologist here in Kent UK for approx 18mnths, she has 30 years under her belt, and on her Beauty Therapy shops site are a few reviews, so maybe, if you look at beauty salons with electrolysis, they may have reviews.

We are highly governed in the UK and electroligists are under strict laws, so you won’t be going to an ‘amateur’ lets say, as in got a machine and gonna give it a go.

So, you really just need to go! and start the treatment.

It takes a LONG time to get on top of the hair growth but! it will work. You have to be realistic too in the time scale cos it is no quick fix, it is permanent though. They get finer and finer.

Here’s to hair free eh :slight_smile:

Heyyyyy I’m from Manchester!!! Iv been to various consultations! And I’m going ahead with hazel critchlow search her up! Very experienced and also teaches in this profession! Had a test patch done with her and extremely happy!!!

Thank you i will carry on reading, and izra i had a look at hazel critchlow aswell but i cant seem to find any reviews on her… I am considering traveling to mairi hawkes because she has many reviews and i know it will be permenant with less worry of the treatment being done less effectively

I would go onto the uk electrolysis website and find the closes registered one to you if they are no good move onto the next I did this first one I found was fab haven’t bothered with any issues no longer have an hair issue 2 years on I go in every 3 months to have blonde hairs only removed theses are fine and no really noticeable I just get rid of them as that’s my preference and I know she can.

Thanks for your help, i will go to some consultations and have a look, have any of your treated hairs come back after you finished it all? Like in any of your treated areas helen?

http://hazel-critchlow-skin-deep.co.uk/ at the bottom of the page there are testimonials and also she has a facebook page, very clean, professional, also uses a gold probe to avoid any skin reaction, iv been to 3 other consultations where they left me with scabs despite only treating like 1 or 2 hairs, Hazel did a test patch removing about 10 hairs, I have had no reaction and the hair has not come back, will let you know about the progress. I feel your pain and plus i am from manchester :-)!!!

Awww that sounds really good then!! Let me know how things go with her and ill keep ker in mind… Does she use a magnification glass? And what did she say about the regrowth of the hair? Weird were both from manchester!! Haha :smiley:

I did think so in the beginning but I didn’t understand hair growth cycles then its the best thing I’ve ever done I used to be scared to go out of the house now I go to the gym 5-6 times a week and put my hair up in bobbles again which was a definite no no lol. I was lucky the lady I am seeing is very old and I worry about who to use when she retires but as long as you find someone good you’ll not look back. In the beginning first 6-9 months it can be hard, get yourself a pair of nail scissors and cut any hairs as close to the skin as possible between sessions and go in as often as you can after that 6-9 months you’ll know it was the right decision to stick with it. x

Is Josefa no longer on this forum?? I have tried to pm her but its saying ‘user not found’

Thank you

I am a member of the BIAE. Go to the website and find a member . We are highly qualified and expected to keep up to date at all times. We are professional electrolysists and this is the only dedicated professional body in UK. Have a consultation with one of our members and begin treatment. If you don’t likethe electrolysist move to someone else.The operative will know exactly what to do but if in doubt has a body of expertise to call on. Without this qualification you lay yourself open to ineffective treatment and skin damage and choosing a random beauty therapist may be an inadvisable move.

Hello can you tell me what clinic you were going to? I am looking for good electrologists in Kent

I’m now offering electrolysis with an Instantron Elite Spectrum near Wakefield, West Yorkshire at La Femme Beauty Clinic in Ossett. Bookings can be made on the Treatwell app.