Electrolysis in The Netherlands/Amsterdam

I really struggled for a long time to find electrologists here because I didn’t know the correct search term to use.
If anyone is looking here please use the search term 'elektrisch epilatie’
Hope this helps someone one day! :slightly_smiling_face:

Here are a few places I have found in Amsterdam (still deciding which one to go to)

  • Health Beauty Center Monique Gottmer
    Roelof Hartstraat 10, 1071 VH Amsterdam

  • Schoonheidsstudio Les Visages
    Sarphatistraat 16, 1018 GK Amsterdam

  • Beauty Clinic Lotus
    Koninginneweg 222, 1075 EM Amsterdam

  • Huidtherapie Jordaan
    Marnixstraat 155, 1015 VM Amsterdam

Hello! Thanks for your post, I am also looking for electrologists in Amsterdam. Can you recommend one specific one from the list you wrote? I know about lotus clinic but haven’t heard of the others.

Hi Olivia, to be honest its too early to tell yet, I went to Monique Gottmer last week for the first time, had a good impression, she uses the Blend method(the salon is beautiful btw!) I didn’t feel the hairs being pulled out, which I did feel at another place( but that other place wasn’t using any magnification).
I will send you a pm

ok thanks