Electrolysis in The Netherlands/Amsterdam

I really struggled for a long time to find electrologists here because I didn’t know the correct search term to use.
If anyone is looking here please use the search term 'elektrisch epilatie’
Hope this helps someone one day! :slightly_smiling_face:

Here are a few places I have found in Amsterdam (still deciding which one to go to)

  • Health Beauty Center Monique Gottmer
    Roelof Hartstraat 10, 1071 VH Amsterdam

  • Schoonheidsstudio Les Visages
    Sarphatistraat 16, 1018 GK Amsterdam

  • Beauty Clinic Lotus
    Koninginneweg 222, 1075 EM Amsterdam

  • Huidtherapie Jordaan
    Marnixstraat 155, 1015 VM Amsterdam

Hello! Thanks for your post, I am also looking for electrologists in Amsterdam. Can you recommend one specific one from the list you wrote? I know about lotus clinic but haven’t heard of the others.

Hi Olivia, to be honest its too early to tell yet, I went to Monique Gottmer last week for the first time, had a good impression, she uses the Blend method(the salon is beautiful btw!) I didn’t feel the hairs being pulled out, which I did feel at another place( but that other place wasn’t using any magnification).
I will send you a pm

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ok thanks

Hey Octo! Any more updates on your experience with Monique Gottmer? I am also looking for a good electrologist in the Netherlands. Does she do long sessions?

Also, could you let me know which other place that was? (The one where you felt tugging and that didn’t use any magnification) I will know not to waste my time/money there then!


Hi Sof,

I am still seeing her and I am happy with the results, I’m not sure if she does really long sessions though, she is careful about not wanting to over treat the skin, but you should send her an email to ask.

I prefer not to say on a public forum which place I was dissatisfied with as the staff and practise may have changed since then, but I can send you a private message =)

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I also wanted to add to the Netherlands list:

For longer Sessions & Multi Needle Galvanic Electrolysis
Aqua-Phyta huidverzorging in Haarlem (I used to go here but it is a bit far for me to go there now)

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