Electrolysis In The Miami Area?

Does anyone here on the forums practice in the Miami area? Or do any users here that receive electrolysis in the Miami area have any suggestions for practitioners that I should contact?

I’m switching from Laser to Electrolysis after seeing minimal results from Laser.


May I ask what areas you had lased? Male or female

No one has anyone in the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale/South Florida area to recommend?

I think “Omphaloskeptic” is from your area, you may want to PM that HairTell poster for information about your area.

Try Carolyn Cadrin, at Pikasso Skincare in Hollywood, FL (954) 927 1200. www.pikassoskincare.com I used her for laser, but know she does electrolysis. I was in town for a short time and she fitted me in. I liked her and would go again.


I think you mentioned in your other posts that you didn’t have the right type of hair for laser. Please clarify. It’s important to differentiate between laser treatments that shouldn’t have been performed in the first place and those that were done correctly on the right type of hair and didn’t work (rare).

I’m not sure which it is but I don’t want to continue to “try” with lasers when electrolysis is proven to be permanent.

I just wanted to pipe back in here to say that I did not forget about you, and I did make some inquiries. Here is what I got back from a client of mine living in Miami:

Hi James,

Hope you are well! It’s funny you should write now… just the other day I was thinking to myself, “Damn, if only my favorite Hair-Killin’ Superhero were closer to Miami!”. :slight_smile: Seriously though, I was just looking for an electrologist to do a little touchup work… my face has been pretty much hair free for about 1.5 years now, but I do have a few annoying strays to get rid of. The electrologist I was using locally has since stopped doing electrolysis entirely, as far as I know, and is focusing on laser and skin care - her carpal tunnel problems had just gotten too bad.

There was a CPE down here, Alicia Astorga, who seemed promising from our initial phone discussion… nice that she advertises explicitly that she specializes in transgender and PCOS patients, however she cancelled our first appointment and it sounds like she may be out of commission for a while due to pregnancy complications… ah, well. If she resurfaces later, I may try her out and report back.

So sadly, I have no practitioners to recommend locally at this time. Whenever I do, I’ll be sure to stop by hairtell and sing their praises. :slight_smile:

Warm Regards,
Name Withheld for privacy

So, sorry folks, I don’t have any first hand info to give you on the Miami area.

Electrolysis hasn’t been “proven” permanent any more than laser has. If you go to a crappy electrologist, you will see a lack of results as well. You need to concentrate on finding the right combination of machine, skill, experience, etc for results with any method you chose.

Do we really need to have this tired argument again LA?

I heard you say “Who’s on first”, but I REFUSE to say What’s on second" this time.